Boy, is my face red…

So, um, remember the “there’s an acrylic nail in my salad” story from last time? Turns out we were WRONG. Yesterday, Steve’s temporary crown fell out and, as we looked at it, it dawned on us that it looked remarkably like what he pulled out of his mouth at Chili’s. And that there was even a small piece missing from the side that seemed about the same size. So, it looks like we caused the restaurant manager stress and embarrassment for NO REASON. After examining the crown, I said that we needed to go back and return the coupons they gave us and pay for the salad they comped. Thank goodness we were decent human beings and didn’t cause any kind of scene, because I don’t think I could stand knowing that. I swear to y’all, though, it looked JUST LIKE a nasty, dirty nail tip. I don’t know what he bit into that caused a piece of crown to break off – or how he didn’t feel the difference – but there ya go. A small lesson in not throwing a fit when you think you’ve been wronged, because you never know when you’ll go home and realize the culprit was YOU.

Yesterday was a trial in patience for me. I have my weekly NSTs now where I go in every week and they hook me up to the fetal monitors to check out baby’s heartrate and whether I’m having any contractions to see how baby responds to them. I had my 3rd one yesterday and everything seemed to be hunky dory. At the end, they came in and said that there were some decels in the heart rate that they didn’t like, so they wanted to do an ultrasound to check fluid levels and make sure all is well. I started the NST at about 7:50am. It ended at approximately 8:30am. Wanna guess how long I waited in that L&D room before they got me for my u/s? The wheelchair arrived to take me down to the u/s room at ELEVEN FORTY-FIVE. That’s right, race fans, I laid in that room for over 3 hours doing nothing and imagining my husband getting more and more pissed at having to change/cancel/rearrange his schedule for the day. (Note the word “imagining”. Because that’s all it was. Me projecting a feeling onto him that he didn’t actually have.) Thankfully, I had a book with me – one that I started at 7:50 when the test began. Because by the time they brought me into the ultrasound room? I had FINISHED it.

368 pages finished in, basically, 4 hours. Of nonstop reading. Oh, and yes, I’m reading the Nora Roberts’ Three Sisters trilogy right now. And I’m almost done with book #3. Gotta love series reading.

And I’ll leave you with this. Because driving past this thing in my town inevitably makes me laugh every time.
Have you seen these things before? They’re so….odd and slightly phallic and just weird. But every time I see one, I remember this sketch from Mad TV. They were parodying TLC’s series “A Wedding Story” and it always makes me laugh so hard because it’s just…so……weird.