Books, My Schizophrenic Nature with

So I’ve been reading this fantastic book called “Encyclopedia of An Ordinary Life” by Amy Krause Rosenthal. I just love this book. It’s like a bunch of random blog entries about different topics in alphabetical, encyclopedic format. I find myself, as I’m reading it, coming up with my own little entries that I could use either as blog entries or for layouts. So here’s mine for today.

You’ll find it in the “B” volume under “Books, My Schizophrenic Nature with”. I love finding a new book that I’m totally enthralled with. This happens to me every time I get involved with a book like this. Harry Potter books are a big one in this category. There’s one person inside me who wants to read it just as quickly as I can – not put it down – because I HAVE to know what else is going to happen. It’s like a big, delicious plate of cookies that you just want to devour until you’re gluttonously stuffed. But there there’s this other person inside who’s desperately afraid of the book ending. I want to stop reading because if I get to the end…..what then?? It’ll be like a death or something. So those 2 personalities are constantly warring within me when I’m reading a particularly engrossing book. And it SUCKS.