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How are the days going so quickly?? Garf.

Okay- first things first. I weighed in yesterday & was pleased. My weight is now 233.5# for another 2 pound loss. Total of 12#. Not bad. Can’t complain. I knew it wasn’t going to be as big a week as last, but I’m just pleased that there was a weight loss.

On Tuesday, I met with my uncle who is also now my trainer! I feel so like a superstar now. Cuz I can say stuff like, “My trainer says….”  We had a great meeting and talked about great stuff. He’s going to really help me, I know it. And he’s not going to be a psycho trainer, which I’m glad about. We talked for a while, he got my information, tested me for strength, balance & flexibility (which, apparently, I’m WICKED flexible, y’all) and then he showed me a bunch of stretches. I love stretches, so I’m all over that. Then, Tuesday afternoon I got this Core Rhythms DVD and put in the Kick Start one. I learned the basic moves & did the 2nd part. I was hardly moving at ALL – just doing these Latin hip movements they teach where it’s just curving the hip up to the sides by bending the knees – but I was totally sweating & couldn’t finish. About an hour later, I realized I totally killed my left hip. I must have been doing it too much, but I’m really, really feeling it. Yeek. It’s fun, though. I love dance & would love to learn some more Latin dance technique.

0a2493a98a3a14b24e96730d0320e947In rantastic news, I had a bit of a run-in with a person on my brother’s Fluther site who seems to major in millinery for the gluteus maximus. Since this is a family site, I won’t be more specific than that. Okay – I’m RAGING. Like, I went crazy.  I go there occasionally, but my husband is there all the time, because he’s filled with knowledge. Unfortunately, he’s also filled with opinions & ideas that differ from many of the posters on the site & he gets in arguments with people who simply don’t like what he’s saying &, rather than have a discussion based on facts & logic, they just start namecalling & stuff.

Anyway, in one thread, a guy started throwing around the word “retarded”. When DH pointed out to him that this is a very offensive word, especially to people who have a child with special needs or know someone who has a developmental delay and could you please not use that word, he comes back with some inanity about “that’s what Wikipedia says!” & how it’s a colloquialism and part of the vernacular, so Steve’s a hater.

DH, in his intelligence and innate ability to debate, starts pulling out definitions from Roget’s & Webster’s & other sources that clearly state that the word is now considered offensive and cultured, sensitive people nowadays don’t use it any more than they’d say “ni**er” or “fa**ot”. And, he said, as the proud father of a 4 year old with Down Syndrome, he’d appreciate it if he restricted the use of that word because it minimizes our son as a human being.

The guy’s response was nothing short of disgusting. Because he was angry with my husband over being dressed down, he totally attacks him & ends his diatribe with something like this (the thread’s been taken down, so I can’t quote directly):

“No wonder you have a kid with Down Syndrome.”

I go to the thread &, literally, I’m seeing RED. Flames. Violence. This total imbecile has just not only insulted my husband, but my FOUR YEAR OLD SPECIAL NEEDS SON. I totally went off, y’all. I cannot really remember exactly what I said, because posts written through a cloud of rage aren’t terribly memorable, but I know I started it with, “Okay, *doucebag’sname*, you are now SO FAR OVER THE FREAKING LINE, that you’ve left me no choice but to give you the verbal beatdown you deserve.” And I went on for about 3 paragraphs about what an unbelievable jerk he was (and, no, I didn’t even swear at him) and the fact that I could not believe that he would have the audacity to attack the CHILDREN of someone he disagrees with. Seriously, by the end of my rant, had he been standing in front of me, I would have removed his larynx WITH MY HAND. The fact that there are people actually existing in this world who would not only THINK something like that, but actually TYPE it with their hands?? Makes me want to quit society.