Bein’ Crafty

I know, I know. It’s been ridiculously long since I last posted. I’m almost positive that no one’s even tuning in here anymore, but I won’t give up.

So I have been crazy super busy. I began crocheting in earnest. My mom & I decided to try our hand at opening an etsy store. We’re going to sell my and her crochet and she’s going to sell vintage items she has – like clothing & accessories. I’ve got the store all set up (though we’re still deciding on a name) and I listed 4 or 5 items. No hits yet. I need to figure out how to best market an etsy store. I’m Twittering my items and pinning them on Pinterest as well. Most of what I’m making are considered “photo props” more than actual articles of clothing. Cocoons, nests, funky hats,etc. It seems to be a popular market right now and the items aren’t difficult to make. I’m trying to make mine different by using unique yarns, interesting color combos, and eye-catching accessories like awesome buttons or flowers. And by finding patterns that aren’t the usual “cap with pom on top” that you see.

I spent last night working on a logo that isn’t right yet, but it got my gears moving to think of modifications. I think when I make those mods, it’ll be good.

Other than the 5 items I’ve already listed, I’ve finished 5 other items and I’m working on number 6. We’ll see. I just really have to figure out how to promote it all. I’ve never been good at that (see: Butternug Squash Designs) which I think is why I haven’t been successful in the past, regardless of how good my offerings were.

My biggest hurdle right now is getting good photos. I’ve got a couple dolls that are newborn-3 months size and I’m trying to get good newborn-look photos using them because…well….I don’t have a newborn. But I’m not getting good light and I don’t have a good background and the dolls won’t bend like a newborn. Plus, they’ve all got creepy eyes. I just have to keep trying, though. It’s frustrating when you know you’re capable of doing something and you can’t seem to get it done.

Anyway. I’ll link you up if you want to check it out.

You can see what’s already listed there.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be my blog if something weird & funny hadn’t happened. William decided to adopt one of the dolls. He connected with this one and not at all the others. He named it “Kevin” and told Maggie that Kevin is a girl. He loves Kevin and takes care of her. It’s hysterical.