Before I Forget

I wanted to link to this article. I think it’s amazing. I do not yet know if I agree with 100% of what she says, but these thoughts are a lot of what I’ve been thinking lately. As Christians, we might believe that homosexuality is contrary to the teachings of the Bible, but the hate many of us spew towards these communities is not supportable in any way. Whether it’s Westboro Baptist “Church” (which…..don’t even get me started) or the Family Research Council; if Christians are fomenting lies and rejection of these people (who God loves, by the way), then Christians are doing the exact opposite of what Christ told us to do. And how can you possibly expect people who are constantly being told that God hates them and we completely reject them for a large part of who they are to find salvation in Christ’s waiting arms? Because they sure don’t see those arms as open or waiting due to our example.

Anyway. Read this article. Tell me what you think. How can we who call ourselves followers of Christ be more like Him in this area? Because I don’t believe that we’re just supposed to tell them to change or get out.

The Ten Lies About the GLBT Community