Been a long time…

…since I rock-n-rolled!

I just realized it’s been forever since I posted – sorry, Lori!

Let’s see, what’s new??  It’s been a pretty good 2 weeks. Steven is really turning a corner with his behavior, which is just amazing to me. He had his first Sunday School class 2 Sundays ago, which didn’t go too well. He handled the first hour well, but melted down in the 2nd. He’s a very unstructured, independent little boy & he didn’t take well to being told he actually had to sit down & do a craft. (“Craft?? Are you KIDDING me?? Get out of my way, teacher-woman. There are trucks to be played with.”) Steve had to go in and sit with him. Kristen (the children’s ministries director) told us we’d have to work with him to get acclimated. Just a side note here – I don’t really have any problem with this woman, but she’s rather cold. She seems to me to be an odd choice for the head of the children’s ministries, because she doesn’t seem to really LIKE the children all that much. Don’t get me wrong – she’s not mean or anything – she’s just very cold and not terribly child-friendly. I can’t explain it much better than that. I just picture someone a little warmer or more nurturing heading up CM. Anyway. He had his 1st speech therapy of the year on Tuesday and I was SO afraid. He had a lot of trouble with ST last year (tantrums, etc.) and I was nervous about getting into it again. I dropped him off & got back in the car. I was SO worried. Then, I remembered the verse Maggie & I chose for the week, “Don’t worry about anything, but pray about everything.” So I did. I started praying for Steven. The phrase, “You have blessed him so…” came out of my mouth & before I could finish it, I just started crying. Because I realized that all the things that have been such a struggle with him are the same things that God has blessed him with – traits that will make him into an amazing man. Leadership, strength, independence, knowing his own mind, having a strong opinion. These are traits that aren’t terribly endearing in a 3 year old, but God will use them to help him become the man God has planned. Then I accepted that I have been so focused on beating that down, eliminating the things that make Steven difficult, that I haven’t given him a chance to flourish within that wiring. Yes, I need to guide & direct him, but instead I’ve been trying to force him to become something he simply can’t – thereby frustrating both of us. I need to encourage him – not beat him down. Boy, did I cry. He’s started potty training, too. He doesn’t do well when he’s dressed, so he’s been running around at home without pants. He does fabulously this way & it’s so awesome to be able to praise him so much. He’s so proud of himself. It’s very cool.

Henry’s PT left us this week. She’s moving to a clinic setting where she doesn’t have to do home visits. That was sad. Amy was totally wonderful and really seemed to like Henry a lot. Henry’s going to be 1 next month. How did that happen? Where did this year go?? I can’t believe it. I realized that we’re not going to be able to do the traditional eating-cake thing, since he can’t eat cake yet. I’ll just have to give him a little piece to smoosh.

Maggie’s doing well. She’s doing excellently in her math studies – getting 100s on everything. She needs to work on her handwriting, though. She’s Mommy’s girl – whippin’ through everything as fast as she can & not doing her best work. I think we’ll get some lined paper & work on her printing a little bit. She’s losing points cause she’s not “doing it right”. Blah.