Beat Down

That’s how I feel today. Beat down like a big ol’ bass drum. Can I just reiterate how much I cannot stand half-days, institute days, late start days and the like. I totally need the kids in school. Yes, I love them very, very much. I do like spending time with them. But when my routine is messed up, for some reason it totally shreds me.

So today was an institute day for Maggie & Steven’s school, but Henry’s school had 1/2 day. I got up later than I should have to take Henry to school and we were running like the wind to get there on time. Then I went over to the other kids’ school to work with the teachers on setting up a website for them to share what’s going on in their classes and stuff. They’re in the midst of getting an actual website up and running, but weren’t sure how to make a site where the teachers could have access to post what’s going on, post pictures and stuff. The principal contacted me since she reads my blog and knew I have some knowledge & experience. So I thought maybe setting up a WordPress site for them would work. I shared with them and they seemed to think it’ll be doable. So got the domain bought, the server set up and WordPress installed. Now they will choose a template and I’ll get it tweaked up for them. Hopefully it’ll work the way they need it to. At the very least, it will get them started and have something for  them.

After that, I ran to the store to buy bananas for Henry and then time to pick him up. Back home for lunch and then Will & I took a nap. I woke up at 2:58 and realized that Henry had therapy at 3. I moved like the wind to got there at 3:07 – only a little late. H has his therapy and then back home. To Henry crying about an animal book from the therapy center, William crying that he wants to eat or get attention paid him, Steven freaking out that I’ve asked him to DO THE DISHES, OMG. And Mommy  lost her calm, y’all. I’m trying really hard. Really trying. But tired + stress + everybody screaming at once = Mommy losing her calm. I’m working on it, though. I’ll get there.

Made lo-fat burgers on whole wheat buns, sweet potato fries & corn for dinner (258 cals for the burgers, 150 for the fries and whatever corn has). Watched Maggie do Wii Fit and then sucked it up to do it myself. I DID NOT WANT TO. At all. But I did it. But I did 37 minutes. Burned 280 calories, apparently. Now I hurt all over. Especially my feet.

The kids are finally in bed, so I’m gonna feed William and go. to. sleep. I hope tomorrow’s a better day. Or at least a CALM one, right?