Back to School

How’s school going for y’all? Did you get everything done in time? Everybody has what they need? It’s so hard to get everything prepared the way it’s supposed to be – especially when you’ve got more than one school’s requirements to meet!

The biggest requirement, it seems, is that EVERYTHING MUST BE LABELED WITH CHILD’S NAME. And, no, I’m not exaggerating. On the school lists of both schools my kids attend (Henry’s and Maggie/Steven’s) this is written in all caps. Thankfully, I already had my cool new DYMO Labelmaker to do it with!! YAY!

I got mine at Target, but I think they’re available all over – Walmart, Office Max, etc. I love playing with this thing – as do my kids. You can change the size of the font, add TONS of symbols and even buy different label tape so you can have clear, colored or white labels. I had to buy new labels because Steven had used them all for some event that only he understands.

Anyway, I don’t remember labeling everything being such an issue when I was young. I actually don’t remember my mom labeling anything of mine. But that could be because I don’t remember much from school when I was a youth. I’m sure she did something – either with a pen or one of those old fashioned turn & squeeze labelmakers from a million years ago that made labels that never really stuck. Remember?

Anyway, I went through all the kids’ stuff and labeled it. Folders, notebooks, glue sticks, crayon boxes, colored pencils, pencil cases, rulers, lunchboxes, the whole nine yards. See how nice Steven’s looks!

I love it. Looks good, easy to read, REALLY easy to do. I just typed the name in once and then pressed “Print” and used the cutter over & over. Much less work than actually writing it over & over. Hopefully now they won’t lose their cool new supplies. Maybe I’ll even label their clothes, shoes and backpacks. I wonder if they’ll mind me stapling labels to their backs?

If you want to learn more, check out DYMO Labelmaker. They’ve got TONS of ideas for ways to use their labelmakers to make your life & your kids’ lives easier (and easier to keep track of!)