August is the Sunday of Summer

August-is-the-sunday-of-summerHere we are in August already. Summer just started, didn’t it??

It’s gone too fast for me because I started out the summer with tearing the meniscus in my left knee. Which…what??? No. I don’t even have a cool story. I had been favoring my right foot because I sprained it and then when I was singing at a gig at the beginning of June, all of sudden it just SNAPPED. I felt like I could hear it. Couldn’t put weight on it for the rest of the gig.

I waited a little bit to go to the doctor because I thought it was okay. I finally got into the doctor 2 weeks later. Scheduled my MRI and, sure enough, torn meniscus. At that point it wasn’t bothering me too much, so the doctor said we could wait until it started bothering me. So I made it through most of July before it started really started bothering me. Now I’ve scheduled the surgery for the 10th of August. Gotta get it done before school starts. So now I’m frantically trying to get stuff done before the surgery so that everybody’s ready to start school a week early.

So did I mention that I’m in this awesome band! I wanted to share this video from our last gig (next one is August 7th!!) I’m getting to start singing all these amazing Aretha/Etta James-type songs that I have wanted to sing forEVER. So I wanted to share this one:

I know the outfit is questionable at best, but I am having so much fun!! For this next gig, I get to sing 3 Aretha songs, and PRINCE, y’all. It’s amazing.

I know I should probably talk about something important – like the election or Black Lives Matter or any of the billion other things that are happening in the world. But that stuff is all way too depressing. I’ve posted a bit about it here and there on Facebook, but it’s all so unbelievably ridiculous that I can’t really even make words happen about it. All I can say is that everybody needs to stop being so hateful, spiteful, vicious, and unreasonable. Is it really so difficult to just be kind to one another? To attempt to see another person’s point of view (especially when they VOCALIZE it to you)? To accept that maybe other people have a different life experience than you do and, because of that, maybe we need to LISTEN to them more than we talk at them?

I don’t know. Let’s just…..all take a time out, have a juice box & a nap, and then learn to share.