Because I’m tired of using the word “random” (even though that’s what it is), I thesaurused it up and chose “arbitrary” instead. So here we go.

First I found some pictures I’ve meant to share, but haven’t for whatever reason. This first one is from this cool Special Night for Special Kids event we went to a couple weeks ago. It was the night before a local town had their Riverfest and it was free rides & food for kids with special needs & their families. We decided to give it a whirl and Henry got to ride his first carnival rides which was a big, big hit. As I looked around, I noticed this mural on one of the rides – can’t remember what it was. I burst out laughing because, to me, it looks just like Emma Thompson dressed as a drag queen. Do ya think?

And here’s Henry totally enjoying the dragon ride with Maggie

I thought this was a hummingbird. I’ve never actually seen a hummingbird in real life, so I wasn’t sure. However, the antennae looked off to me. After looking it up, I found out it’s a hummingbird moth. Cool, huh?

And – WOO-HOO!!! Our patio is done! It is so beautiful and I cannot believe it’s attached to my house. So. Totally. Thrilled!

The garage sale? Oh, yeah, that’s over! It went amazingly. AMAZINGLY. It was worth all the work, for sure. It was the highest grossing garage sale I’ve ever been a part of or even heard about. We made over $1,100. Can you believe it? I’ve never made that much at a garage sale and the closest I’ve heard of was my parents’ who once made just over $1000. So whoop to the whoop-whoop.

We ended up not going to Six Flags and I have to give major props to my kids. When I broke the news, instead of freaking out, they both just said, “Okay”. I think my jaw shattered when it hit the floor.

Okay – gotta go to bed. I spent today attempting to reclaim my home after all the garage sale mess. So, nighty-night.