Arbitrary is another word for random

Gosh – I’ve had so much to blog and then when I sit down to do it, I can’t think of anything I wanted to say. I hate that! And most of what I think of blogging is a bunch of random snippets that run through my head and are not cohesive in any way, shape or form.

The first thing I wanted to tell is that I have to backpedal on my Mother’s Day disappointment. Steve totally surprised me with a gift that he had planned, but due to his breathing problems before Mother’s Day, he wasn’t able to get it. Then came finals week (and no decent teacher can do anything other than prep & deal with that)and before we knew it, school was out. Needless to say, I was really surprised when I opened up the envelope he gave me and saw the receipt for the new Droid Incredible. I had expressed that when my iPhone contract is up next year, I wanted to cancel and get a Droid like Steve’s. But I hadn’t even thought any more about because I’ve still got an entire year on mine. I’m so thrilled about it and really excited to see it! It won’t be available until the end of the month. Then I’ll give my iPhone to Maggie until my contract expires. She’s totally excited about that and I hope she can handle giving it up when the year is up.  So a big THANK YOU to my husband. Like, seriously.

I realized the other day, as I drove past the local farm fields, how much I love driving rurally at this time of year. See, the corn has started coming up, but is still rather small – like ankle height. When you drive by a field, all the rows of emerging corn go by really fast. It’s always looked to me like someone running really fast. I can remember as a child driving to Iowa for our summer visit with our dad and just watching those fields go by, imagining that we were racing some really tall, long-legged person who was running incredibly fast. I just kept racing and racing. So I always think of that when the beginning of June rolls around.

As far as the exercise goes, I tried to do the Bollywood dance one the other day and majorly failed. It totally frustrated me because I’m actually a pretty good dancer, but for some reason, I could not put these moves together at all. Perhaps it’s moving in a very different way than I’m used to or something, but I could NOT do it. And felt so stupid just bouncing around, so I gave up. Still having trouble with the yoga and the crampy feet, too.

Let’s see…reading. I’m reading Melissa Gilbert’s autobiography right now & just finished Kristin Chenoweth’s. Kristin’s is quite good and appropriate enough that I could let Maggie read it, too. She LOVES Kristin. Melissa’s book is a little more tawdry because she’s apparently lived a more gossipy, troubled life (though it’s not like she was Dana Plato or anything), but it’s interesting to read about growing up famous and all the people she knew. Plus, remembering Michael Landon is cool. I HAVE to start reading faster. I’ve got 2 more library books here that I have to get through, plus another NINE that I’m waiting to come into the library. Plus a bunch of books here I haven’t read. Gotta read, gotta READ!

I’ve also done some more scrapping! I hadn’t really done any since about March, but I pulled it out again. Here’s what I’ve done: