Another Year Down

It’s not quite that dire, but I am another year older! Thursday was my birthday and I had such a great day. My birthday has been rough on me in the past. I usually get depressed and cranky a day or so before, lasting through the day after. When I’ve tried to analyze what goes on in the past, I come up with this. I feel like I desperately want someone to make a big deal out of my birthday, but I don’t want to have to ask. I want to feel that I’m important enough to someone to want to go, BAM!, but I hate myself for wanting that. Then, when nobody makes a big deal about it, I get all pissy & sad that no one cared enough, and then I beat myself up for feeling that way. Pretty psychotic, huh?

This year it was different. I don’t know what made the difference, but I woke up on Thursday in a very good mood. I knew I got to spend the day (until 2:30) with my mom, which is something I absolutely love. My mom is totally my best friend. I talk to her about nearly everything, I enjoy being with her and, while she doesn’t always understand what I’m talking about, she accepts it as me. So, after I took the kids to school, I went to her house & picked her up. We grabbed some coffee and headed to Crystal Lake. First we went to Hobby Lobby. She had some prints to get framed and I wanted to get a couple frames for both some art prints I bought and for some pictures I’ve printed for Steven’s room. And WHOOP-WHOOP, wall decor was all 50% off! I came across this gorgeous piece that’s like a canvas in a mottled burgundy. It’s got a decorative cross and says, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord”. Loooooved it. Can’t figure out where I’m going to put it yet, but it’s going up somewhere. Found the frames for my artwork so I finally have something in my bedroom that I love. I love Gustav Klimt and have always loved his “The Kiss”. I saw another one that portrays motherhood to me, so I ordered those 2 and here’s how they look:


Yes. There’s a crack in the glass. Happened as I brought the frame into the bedroom. So, I’m going to have to go get another one, but I still wanted to get it up for now.


I absolutely adore this. The full print has mommy bre@st in it which I didn’t really want in my bedroom, so I found a cropped version that still conveys the feeling without all the breasteses. I just love looking at it and the feeling of motherly love and devotion it has. Yum.

After the Lobby, we went over to the hair salon so I could get a cut. I can’t believe how quickly time flies between my salon visits. It’s been about a year or so since I’ve had a cut, so my hair was out of control. I actually let the stylist have carte blanche and just do whatever she thought would look best. And it turned out pretty cute.


Normally, I don’t like my hair straight. I have a really, really long face and, right now with my weight the way it is, I feel like my head looks a little too much like the kid from Mask. Like, 3 feet long with a foot of it between my lower lip & chin. Straight hair really accentuates the length of my face, so I’ve usually gone with curly hair or big hair. Plus, no matter how hard I try, I fail at blowing my hair out with a round brush. I simply cannot do it. I do like the way it curves around my neck, though. I probably won’t wear it like this much, as I have a sensory thing about my hair being in my face. When it’s loose, it’s constantly in my face, sticking to my mouth and tickling me. I hate it.

After hair came the bookstore! Man, I adore a bookstore. Even if I can’t buy anything, I love walking around  making notes about what books I’d like to get from the library. But my mom bought me some books and I honestly am having trouble deciding what to read first – I started 3 of them! Here’s what I got:

So…why did you get these, you’re asking. Let’s see.

I got the first one because it’s a humorous look at strange subcultures on the Internet. I find that kind of thing fascinating. This book is funny as all get-out. All I can say is the line, “You eat like a monster” had me laughing nonstop for 5 full minutes.

Mentally Incontinent I got because it’s written by a Peacock. No, not related to the ones I know, I don’t think, but I’m hoping it’ll be super funny. Looks good so far.

World War Z I got for one reason. The subtitle. “An oral history of the zombie war”. I don’t know if the book came before the script for True Blood or vice versa, but that quote from Jason is amazingly awesome. Any book that has that on the cover has to be great.

Cake Wrecks? Because it’s CAKE WRECKS, y’all. ‘Nuff said.

The Erma Bombeck books are CLASSIC. My mom had a couple of her books and a record album of her comedy when I was growing up. I thought she was hysterical and now, as an blogger, I strive to someday get to her level of awesome hilarity in my writing.

Then we went to lunch at Chili’s and it was time to come home & get the kids. For dinner, Steve brought home Portillo’s (YAY!!!) and my gift – a TiVo! Rock on!
I’d like to write more, but William’s fussing, so I have to sign off. I’m 41. And I’m okay!