Another week down!

We made it! William is now 2 weeks old and we’re doing great! I’m so pleased with how well we’re doing and how I’m handling everything. I’m madly in love with my Zoloft for helping me to handle everything so far. I’m even not panicking at the fact that we are dreadfully short of money right now and it’s creating lots of stress in the house. Somehow I feel that it’s going to be okay and even if we have to eat rice for a couple weeks in order to pay the bills, we’ll come out the other end. We spent way too much on eating out/ordering in while I was pregnant and now I’m going to have to sacrifice because of it.

We started up Henry’s OT again today. We had put it on hold when he had his surgery and then the baby came, so this was his first one back since then. Dude has been SO crazy these past 2 weeks – trying to get my attention WITHOUT William in my arms has been so difficult for him. He’s missing having me to himself when I’m caring for him and it’s coming out in his behavior. I mean, it’s obvious that he really likes William, but he definitely does not like the amount of attention he’s getting. I’ve started trying to either set William down or give him to someone else when it’s time to feed Henry so it’s all about him during that time. I think it’s helping, but he’s still having trouble. It’s interesting – he wants to be part of everything with Will, but he just doesn’t know how. So I put him down in the bassinet in the living room and go in to clean or cook and then hear Will crying because, in an attempt to “play” with Will, he’s thrown a bunch of stuff in the bassinet with/on him and hits him in the face. He totally doesn’t get it. But then there’s a moment like this that makes you swallow your tongue with emotion:


However, you have to be right on top of Henry because he follow this up with actually sitting ON Will’s head and smashing his bottom up & down on Will’s skull.

Steven cannot get enough of Will. At least 8 times a day, he comes to where we are and says, “Can I hold him?” Will can be nursing, sleeping, or whatever, but Steven just wants to hold him and tell him nursery rhymes. He doesn’t sing, but he recites things to Will. It’s so incredibly cute. Of course, if Will poops or spits up or isn’t particularly “fresh”, Steven gets all grossed out and can’t get rid of Will quickly enough. “Ew,” he says. “Will smells like old cheese.”

Maggie is hugely helpful. She was very excited to feed him a bottle, loves to hold him and sing to him. She’s been singing tunes from West Side Story lately, which is funny. YOu don’t often have babies hearing “I Feel Pretty” to calm them down. They’re getting lots of chances to help out since Steven & Maggie decided they needed to have an actual FISTFIGHT over what they’re going to watch on TV. They actually decided to PUNCH each other over it. So, they ended up losing TV, computer & video games for the rest of August. Since they don’t start school until September 8th, it’s going to be a long, long, long punishment. Hate it.

Other than all that, I’ve been scrapping. I’m not feeling the design bug at ALL, but I am having fun making layouts. Here’s what I’ve gone lately. As always, click on the pix to see credits & read journaling.







Have a great weekend!