Another day, another dilemma

Okay, here’s today’s dilemma….how do I toughen up my daughter? Maggie is, by nature, a VERY sensitive little girl. This is both a good thing & a huge annoyance. On the good side, she has an amazing heart for other people & their needs, very sympathetic & wanting to do things for others. However, it’s manifesting itself rather poorly right now. Nearly every day, she comes home with some tale of woe about some kid making fun of her or teasing her or being mean with the result being her tears. Now, I understand if these kids are truly being mean, but this is really asinine stuff. For example, yesterday, she said that Isaiah & Stefan “touched” her while she was being door holder (“and you’re not supposed to touch the door holder, Mommy!!!!111eleventy-one!!”). This resulted in her crying. CRYING. To which the lovely & talented Karina replied, “You cry at EVERYTHING.”Which….yeah. Made her cry. That’s just one example. It’s everyday with “so-and-so made fun that I get up at 7am” and “so-and-so called me Mag” and other such travesties. Please don’t misunderstand – I am a lioness when it comes to my kids and if I believe they’re truly being wronged, I will rip somebody’s throat out. But this is just silly. I’ve tried to give her advice about saying, “So??” when somebody makes fun of her, or just letting it roll off her back, or trying to show her how silly their mock is. All to no avail. I just don’t know what to do about it. How can I toughen her up just enough to not be affected by this trivial stuff, but still have the wonderful, sensitive heart God blessed her with. I guess it’s partly my problem. I just can’t STAND thinking my daughter’s a big wuss.