And then there’s Maude

No. I have no idea why I titled this that. Other than, when it came time to fill in the “title” bar, that popped into my head.

Today was a pretty decent day. Good, followed by bad, followed by good kinda day. I had some things to return to Target this morning and then my plan was to venture over to Dollar Tree (where I’d never been before) to look for motivational stickers for the kids’ new chore charts and Hawaiian garb for next week’s Luau party at Maggie’s school. But, of course, nothing ever goes as planned. I get to Target and, like a good little customer, have all my returnable merchandise in my bag and my receipt in hand. I purchased it with hubby’s debit card. Which takes the money directly out of the account, right? So, like every other time I’ve returned something in this manner, I expected to get cash back. But that would make my morning errands run smoothly. Instead, because I gave hubby’s card back to him, she will only give me a store credit. Which totally messes me up since I was planning on using the cash to go to Dollar Tree. Bah. Now I’m cashless and have promised Steven a toy at the dollar store. Double bah. Luckily, I have $2.80 in change in the car. We head off to Dollar Tree figuring I can get a thing or 2 for that. And I’m right. I found a cool knock-off brand of cleaning spray that looks a lot like the Method brand and has a MacIntosh apple scent. Cooooool. And a pack of 200 motivational stickers. Since they didn’t have anything there that Steven REALLY wanted, I agreed to take him back to Target & use the gift card to buy him one train. So….back to Target we go. With a hop & skip. I’m throwing a baby shower for my best friend tomorrow. I’m excited about it – I think it’ll be fun. It should be interesting to see over 20 ladies crammed into my house! Hee. The best part is that I get to use my MIL’s antique punch bowl and cups as well as some beautiful antique china from my mom. It’s gonna be purty.