…and the villagers ran for the hills

So last week brought the arrival of another package. One I was really looking forward to. I knew it going in, but when I saw the box, I was stunned by the size. And, since I already have Snub Snape, I believe this one’s name will be Mongo Snape. As compared to Snub Snape & Lucius’ size of 7″, Mongo Snape is 19″ tall.


While he doesn’t look quite as much like Alan Rickman as SnubSnape does, he looks pretty good. The nose size is excellent, though it needs to be wider at the septum, as Alan’s is. The mouth shape is quite good, as well. I think it’d be really, really hard to recreate his mouth. He’s got, like, extra muscles around it or something.

Anyway, his costuming is really good, too. Lots and lots of buttons. Which do something for me – not sure why. However, they did forget the buttons at his pant cuffs. The pants should be a little wider at the hem and have buttons up to about lower-calf length. Yes, I know, I am a geek.


In case you didn’t know, his size is about 1″ taller than an American Girl doll. Which means he’s very, very tall. As well as meaning that I can use my daughter’s AG stuff with him. He was pleased with this overstuffed chair I brought down for him – though he was rather displeased with it having Griffyndor colors. But at least he can sit down.


And the reaction of SnubSnape and Lucius? I love this picture because it looks like MongoSnape is terrorizing the shelf and they’re tiny, tiny villagers running for their lives.


For his birthday, Steven got a bunch of Star Wars figures – current and vintage – that I think I’m going to have to introduce to SnubSnape & Lucius. I think Lucius and Darth Maul might get along really, really well.  And maybe, SnubSnape & Leia would hit it off…?