Believe it or not, I actually am aware that I haven’t blogged in a coon’s age. (How long is that, anyway? Days, months?)

I am doing much better after my surgery. My throat still hurts intermittently but it’s so much better. Right now, the big problem is canker sores on my tongue, which KILL. Please to be making that stop.

Anyway, most of my time has been spent frantically trying to get ready for Christmas. I was helping my mom work on a project that was in Emergency Christmas Mode. You know, that mode when you realize it’s all of a sudden the beginning of December and you haven’t started on a project you meant to start 2 months ago and now you’ve only got a week to get it done or it won’t be finished in time. So you panic and stay up too late and get frustrated when things won’t work right, ending up in tears on the bathroom floor. Or maybe that’s just me.

Then I was working madly on something I wanted to give for Christmas, but discovered the recipient wouldn’t be at our celebration, so I could put that project on the back burner. By that point, I couldn’t remember anything I wanted to blog about.

I finally got my Christmas decorations taken care of last week. It basically consists of putting up the tree and setting up my village. Can I just say that I LOVE my village? I think it makes me happier than any other decoration I do at Christmas. I love setting up the buildings, placing the little figurines and lighting it all up in the dark room. I wish I had more surfaces to set it up so I could have more pieces. Unfortunately, I have to make sure it’s set up where Henry can’t reach any of it or he’d have it all destroyed – just picking up the little general store and whipping it into the Christmas tree. I just keep telling myself…..”someday”.

My cousin, Katie, came out with her daughter, Mckenna, and they helped Steven & William decorate the tree. William especially thought it was fantastic.

Here’s some shots of the village

It’s so sweet. I love it.