Almost There

I know it’s been too long. I have been so insanely crazy with this play. It finally gets performed tomorrow night. I have been beside myself trying to get it ready – make sure dances are learned, lines are memorized, things flow properly. There simply hasn’t been enough time to do everything and get it as perfect as I’d like, but I have to give these kids major props. They have learned in 5 weeks what it might take a typical show 2-3 months to master. No, it’s not perfect, but that’s okay. None of them have done anything like this before and they’ve done remarkably well.

Unfortunately, something has had to give. After my hard drive failure, I had some pictures that I couldn’t recover. I had to recreate yearbook pages I’d already done. I can’t do it. I simply can’t get it all done in time. Even if I had everything, which I don’t, I simply don’t have enough time to get the layouts done, prepared, uploaded, ordered and delivered before school lets out. I don’t know what else to do other than put it aside and say I’m sorry. I know it’s a disappointment and I’m letting people down, but there is simply no more of myself I can give. I’m completely exhausted from play rehearsals, thinking about the play, running all over creation taking people where they need to be, plus all the normal stuff we have to do as moms. Ex. Haus. Ted.

I’m also trying to eat better using an app called “My Fitness Pal”. I’m being vigilant about entering everything I eat and I’m quite taken aback with how many calories I must have been taking in previously. We’ll see what happens, but I hope I can keep this up.

Let’s see…what else. I decided to start watching Dr. Who. All the very coolest people I know are big fans of the doctor (Craig Ferguson, Chris Hardwick to name two), so I figured I should give it a chance. I tried watching it years ago, back when the 70s version was on PBS and Tom Baker was the doctor and I HATED it. I couldn’t understand anything that was happening and it was just weird to me. I needed something new to watch on Netflix, so I thought I’d give it whirl. I’m starting with Series 1 with Christopher Eccleston as the doctor and the two episodes I’ve watched were very good. We just finished watching “The End of the World” (which was awesome, I thought) and Steve and I were shocked by Will’s reaction to the ending. When Cassandra (the last human) exploded, William BURST into tears and just couldn’t calm down. We were so surprised and we’re now calming him down by letting him watch Craig Ferguson. Weird, I know, but William absolutely loves Craig. He smiles and laughs when he comes on at the beginning of the show and then climbs down off the bed to sit on the floor closer to the TV while he has a conversation with Craig. It’s funny and rather odd. We’re such good parents.  “Here, baby. Watch the cheeky little naughty Scotsman be all twinkly and inappropriate and have his words bleeped out. It won’t scar you at all.”

Yesterday, Henry and his class had their Special Olympics Young Athletes Culminating event where they perform all their different skill activities to show us what they’ve been working on. It started at 9;30 and it was 85 degrees with 786% humidity. All these poor kids were red-faced and grumpy, but trying to participate and have a good time. One of the 3rd grade teachers had involved his class as peer partners for Henry’s mates and they had all made encouraging signs for each kid and they waved them and cheered as the kids marched in. It was an amazing example of inclusion and teaching “typical” kids how to interact with differently-abled kids. It was heartwarming and so special.

I’m a little embarrassed, but I really got a show about how popular my Henry is. Henry’s best events involve throwing, so he had a fantastic time at the 2 throwing events, just chucking things as hard as he could. He didn’t care too much about the other events, though he did crawl through the obstacle course and do the balancing. As things wrapped up, I began to really see how totally crazy popular he is. He had 4 kids helping him with the balancing and then when they sat to wait for awards, Henry suddenly had an entire court of 3rd graders surrounding him, attending to his every need. It was mind-boggling. See??

No child has ever had more help walking a 2″ high balance beam

King Henry the Flexible holds court

It was very interesting to watch. And I’m proud of him for what a good job he did – not only with the activities, but also with being able to sit nicely with the other kids without hitting or kicking them or sitting on them or assaulting them with pelvic thrusts. It’s very encouraging.

Okay. Tomorrow the show is over and I can try to get my life back in order. Start caring for my family and making the house livable again. Wish me luck.