All Tore Up

The kitchen remodel has begun. I totally forgot how overwhelming and invasive a remodel is. The last one I was a part of was in 1989-90 when my parents moved into a Victorian home and completely gutted it. Pretty sure I blocked that out.

Can I just say how very thankful I am that we have hired people to do this work? They work so fast and awesomely and I cannot even imagine what it would be like to try to do something like this on our own. We would have spent the whole first day just trying to pull up the carpeting, which they accomplished in about 20 minutes.

Yesterday they pulled up the carpet in the living room, dining room & hallway. They tore out the cabinets & island, removed the appliances and opened up the soffits. They pulled up the tile floor. Today, our contractor, Al, called in his plumber & electrician to figure out how to move all the stuff that was behind the soffits so we can install the cabinets that go up to the ceiling. We also needed to figure out where to put the cans for the recessed lighting as the ceiling is all full of pipes as well. I’m hoping they can fit in the 9 cans we originally decided on so the kitchen has the light we need. We also discovered a small leak in the ceiling from one of the upstairs toilets that needs to be addressed, so that’s fun.

Of course you know I couldn’t let this all happen without taking pictures, so let me share:

Looking down into the living room from upstairs. Ugly subfloor & boxes of flooring on the left.

At the front door looking into the living & dining room. They used the old cabinets to keep the kids out of the work area.

From the DR looking into the kitchen. The green rectangle is where the fridge was. You can see the mess that was in the soffits up top!

Today when I got home, there wasn’t a big noticeable change. The plumbing was moved and I could tell there was a lot of electrical & plumbing work done. Not sure what will happen tomorrow – each day brings new surprises.

I thought I’d share a couple more pictures I liked. The first of of William and Mckenna (my cousin’s daughter) playing the day after my other cousin’s wedding that I was photographer for.

Mckenna & William color together.

William shares a crayon.

Look what a nice time they're having together!!

THIS is a pretty girl!

Ain't he sweet?

Mckenna's mom, Katie, encourages William to get over himself and walk barefoot on the grass.