I got caught up with House and Grey’s Anatomy today. I love House. With much, much loving. I only have 2 requests.

1 – Stop wasting my time with all the “other” people. More House, less Foreman, Chase and FAR less Cameron. All House, all the time. That’s my motto.

2 – LET HUGH LAURIE USE HIS GOD-GIVEN DELECTABLE BRITISH ACCENT. That, in my humble opinion, is the only thing wrong with this show. You have a great actor like Hugh, all set to go with the best accent ever and you STRIP HIM OF IT. The cane is a nice addition and the sarcastic, snarky, bitter thing is rockin’, but I want his accent back. It’s SO good. Boo.

As far as Grey’s Anatomy goes, I really like the show, but I REALLY want to smack some doctors around. Drs Bailey and Burke seem to be the only sane people on that staff. I really want to see Dr. Bailey just march around that place doing a surgical smackdown on all those silly people. Dr. Shephard?? You’re either married or you’re not. Make a choice and STICK WITH IT. Mrs. Doctor-Shephard? How little self-esteem do you have to have to stick around and watch your husband make goo-goo eyes at Little Miss Intern? It’s painfully obvious to everyone. WALK AWAY. Dr. Grey? Maybe you should just try keeping your pants on for a little while. Apparently you think hopping from bed to bed is the best way to HEAL, and since you have no ability to be discerning after all those tequila shots, perhaps investing in a chastity belt would be useful. Dr. Izzy? Needs to be fired YESTERDAY. Like “we have a restraining order to keep you off the premises” kind of fired. What she did to Denny Heart-Patient Guy was unbelievable. And that George didn’t just push her down & call a code is disgusting. Dr. Christina is an android. Seriously. I can’t figure out why Burke thinks she’s hot. Which brings us to Meredith Creepy-Eyes and McDreamy. Seriously, guys…..in a closet at the HOSPITAL PROM?? With your WIFE outside? And Goofy McVetterson standing puppily by the punch bowl? I totally hope Callie narcs. That Meredith would have the gall to make fun of her for not WASHING HER HANDS while she was clearly blocking the sink when she’s off having a tryst with a married guy in a closet? Not. Cool. But I love Dr. Bailey. She kicks BUTT and takes prisoners. I love her.