Does it get any better than this? Some of the stuff that comes out of my boy’s mouth is simply mind-boggling. I’m talking to Maggie – something about being “slender”. From the backseat comes this: “Mommy, what’s “slender” mean?” “Slim….skinny, Steven.” Pause Pause “Speaking of skinny,” Steven states, “weasels are skinny.” What??? What???!?!? Where the bloody blazes did THAT come from?? His mind is a terrifying place.

So….Brotherhood on Showtime. I have to say, I LOVE this show. Now, I know what you’re going to say. “Of course you love Brotherhood, Christy. It could be an hour long show of Jason Isaacs trimming his toenails & you’d sing its praises.” And your point would be….? Seriously – this show is AMAZING. The writing is outstanding & the acting….sheesh. The acting is simply brilliant. Yes, the language is very, very vulgar. However, if you liked The Sopranos, then Brotherhood is an excellent replacement. Jason Isaacs as Michael Caffee is, of course, freaking incredible. It would be so easy to just play him as a caricature, but this character is so incredibly fleshed out – you can almost see every emotion, every struggle, every decision played out on his face. Michael seems, to me, to be a man who is very smart, very loyal and very conflicted. His family is, without a doubt, #1 in his life. You don’t mess with Michael’s family or he will rip your throat out. Watching him deal with his traumatic brain injury this season is some of the finest acting I’ve ever seen. The only problem I have with his storyline is that I don’t see Michael doing what he’s done with Cath & her kids. It seems to me that Michael’s sense of family would be so strong that he wouldn’t break up Cath’s family simply because he wanted her. He would make it clear that he’d be there if she made the decision to leave her husband, but he wouldn’t just move in like that. Plus, I don’t think Cath is right for him. She seems to be too filled with trepidation. She’s always looking slightly frightened & unsure of herself & Michael. I would think that, with the mother Michael has, he would be drawn to a much stronger woman.

Speaking of mothers, Michael & Tommy’s mother is one of the scariest women I’ve ever seen on TV. I can barely watch her. She’s played by Fionnula Flannigan, who I first saw in the Nicole Kidman movie, “The Others”, where she played this creepy ghost of a woman. She creeped the hell out of me in that movie and she continues to creep me out here. Rose Caffee is a brick wall of a woman – cross her & you will smash your face in. She will destroy you with manipulation & guilt & a little bit of scheming.

As scary as Rose is, however, even she cowers in the presence of the wife of her unrequited love, Judd Fitzgerald. Mrs. Fitzgerald makes Rose look like Barbara Bush – this woman is HARD. She’s blunt, brash, and calls it like she sees it. She’s sure of herself & her position & makes it clear that if you mess with her world, you will be crushed, smashed & humiliated. Then there’s Tommy – poor Tommy. He’s actually a good guy who’s surrounded by crap & is now dealing with it all. His cheating, druggie of a wife, the return of his gangster brother, corruption in the House, all of it. And it’s starting to bring him down, too. Y’know on the Sopranos how there was Paulie Walnuts – who most of the time, didn’t even seem to be acting? He just WAS this guy & happened to be there. That’s how I feel about Freddie Cork. He’s just totally got this character DOWN and every time he’s on screen, it’s like he just happened to be in the shot. I totally loved the recent scene when he’s got the guy from the furniture store in the back room & Michael goes to break his leg with a cement block. Freddie’s expression is priceless. Then there’s Decco. I simply cannot believe that Declan is played by the same guy from Can’t Hardly Wait. There ain’t NONE of that cute little teenager in Declan. This poor guy is going to choke on his own vomit soon – I’m just so sad for him. And when Michael finds out that Declan’s the one who beat the living snot out of him, causing the brain injury, Decco’s gonna be lucky if he makes it out alive. Seriously, Dec, lose the Vicodin & the whiskey. You still have a chance….I think. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Everybody’s awesome in this. Annabeth Gish as Tommy’s Wife, Eileen – she’s so haunted & I have no idea why. Because she’s bored?? Len Cariou as Judd Fitzgerald – this guy played SWEENEY TODD, y’all. I didn’t even recognize him – but anybody who originated Sweeney is kick butt in my book. Even the guy who plays Moe (I’m sorry…JEFF) has it nailed. I hate that character, but then, I’m supposed to. I love this show.

Now if my brother, Andrew, could just get a gig on this show… I mean, he’s Scottish, which is KINDA close to Irish. He went to Brown, so he KNOWS Providence. He’s really good at accents. He could fix everybody’s laptops. Please hire him, O Brotherhood Powers That Be. I could be ONE degree separated from my Pretend Celebrity Boyfriend.