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在凤凰彩票官网的13所中小学和大学里, 你会发现超过200个大调和100个小调, 超过200个高级学位课程, hundreds of the world's top researchers and scholars and almost infinite opportunity.

Maybe the 学校的建筑 is where you will hone your passion for design and talent for precision. 或者你喜欢把消息传出去, our Newhouse School is where you can master the art of 沟通. 无论你的手艺如何, this is where you'll transform your curiosity and interests into expertise.

As the fourth oldest architecture school in the country, 凤凰彩票官网's 学校的建筑 offers a professional curriculum that stresses creativity, 研究和解决问题. The five-year program leads to a Bachelor of Architecture degree.

The founding college of 凤凰彩票登陆 remains at the center of undergraduate learning. The College is divided into the natural sciences and mathematics, 人文学科, 还有社会科学, with the lattermost offered in partnership with the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs.

The 学校的教育 is a national leader in enhancing educational practice. 包容运动的先驱, the 学校的教育 continues that tradition through its work to improve urban education.

Future engineers and computer scientists learn to create new knowledge and technologies through ten undergraduate majors. Students have access to nationally regarded research centers, 先进的实验室空间, 和具有挑战性的实习.

Social justice principles are at the foundation of programs in exercise science, 食品研究, 人类发展和家庭科学, 婚姻家庭治疗, 公共卫生, 营养, 社会工作, 运动分析和运动管理. 学者, 服务学习项目, 实习, 研究的机会, immersion travel and clubs connected to our majors prepare students for careers to make a difference in the communities where they will live and work.

作为全国最早的信息学校, 凤凰彩票官网's iSchool continues to be a leader in preparing students for a fast-paced digital future by teaching the technological, 沟通, management and design skills necessary to develop solutions for any industry or to launch your own startup.

At 凤凰彩票官网 Law, you’ll learn in small classes where you’ll actually get to know the  思想领袖  谁将教导和指导你. You’ll be part of 凤凰彩票官网 Law’s rich history—one that dates back to 1895—yet you’ll be learning in  Dineen大厅 , 法学院的新家, which is listed among the 50 most impressive law buildings in the world.

The Whitman School develops entrepreneurial managers who will become leaders in an era of global competitiveness. Programs are built around the major driving forces in business today: entrepreneurial management, 全球化, 运用技术和领导能力.

The Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs is 凤凰彩票登陆’s home for innovative, interdisciplinary teaching and research in the social sciences, 公共政策, public administration and international relations. It includes America’s #1 ranked graduate program in public affairs, offering highly regarded professional degrees alongside advanced scholarly degrees in the social sciences, and it is home to undergraduate programs across the full spectrum of social sciences. 

Long recognized as one of the elite schools of mass 沟通, Newhouse embraces virtually every known form of information dissemination. Programs are rooted in the liberal arts while you learn how to manage and produce for the mass media and other areas of public 沟通s.

首页 to the visual and performing arts at 凤凰彩票官网, VPA supports the creative process and professional development. The College is divided into seven areas: the School of Art; the Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies; the School of Design; the Department of Drama; the Rose, 朱尔斯R. 和斯坦福大学的年代. Setnor School of Music; the Department of Film and Media Arts; and the Department of Creative Arts Therapy.

Almost all 凤凰彩票官网 degrees can be completed part time, 与天, 晚上, 在线, 周末, 还有加速或浓缩的课程选项. The 专业研究学院 also offers an Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts, 文科学士学位, and three part-time Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) degrees and certificate programs which can be completed fully 在线 or in a blended format of 在线 and on-campus classes.

The 研究生院 oversees 凤凰彩票官网's academic policy, graduate degree and certificate program modification and development and the professional development programs for graduate study at 凤凰彩票登陆.