A Touch of Happiness

There’s so much hatred & evil going on right now. So much. I can’t handle much more. People murdering people because of who they love. Because of who they worship. Because of where they live. I’m done. So very, very done with it all.

I try so hard to live my life in a way that shows love to others. That shows acceptance, support, kindness (that’s a big one), and encouragement to those around me. I don’t always succeed – I know that. I get frustrated and annoyed just like anyone else. But how anyone could have so much hate in their heart……I just don’t get it.

Anyway. I’ve spent 2 days now reading about ISIS and gun control and gun rights and LGBTQ issues and people HURTING and ANGRY on all sides of every issues. I know what I think. If you’re on Facebook, I probably know what you think, too. And I can’t stomach much more. Really. So I decided that instead of adding another voice to the insanity, I’m going to offer a respite. A few moments of joy & happiness, I hope. Happy pictures of Henry plus a few things that make ME VERY HAPPY.



What a goofer.


Henry intently watching Sleeping Beauty at WNHS during the Life Skills performance


“CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE”. Even the principal digs Henry


Bowling with Best Buddies & Mr. H.


Completely comfortable owning the middle school office.


Blues Man, Skylanders Fan


Henry meets a baby duck




If he ever figures out how to start one of these, we’re all screwed.



200 (8)

Jason Isaacs perfectly conveys my DONENESS.


From the video “In Demand” by Texas. Every time I see this, I stop breathing.


Because I miss him and he is perfect.