A little blogiquette

To celebrate the fact that I’ve attracted my 1st Blog Troll (Yay, me!!), I thought it might be apropos to go over some of the rules of BlogLand. Not just here, but all over the blogosphere.

ndqiT1. Because there are many different people in the world – all with differing outlooks and personalities (just the way God made them), you will inevitably come across a blog whose entry, tone, color scheme or language usage doesn’t sit right with you. In fact, you may just sit there shaking your head, sighing with disgust or even vibrating with rage. Take a moment and look up at the top right of your browser window. See the small “X”? That little box means “I hate it here, make it go away.” Click on that. It’s that easy. There’s no need to go off on a rant in someone’s comments, insulting their family tree or otherwise call them a doody-head. Just click. Poof. It’s gone. Now go feed your dog.

2. In conjunction with (1), we have this tidbit. If you have an issue with said blogger’s postings and wish to leave a comment anyway, refrain from the sentence, “What makes you think anybody wants to read about your…(fill in the blank)” The obvious inanity of that comment is pretty much beyond explanation, but let me make it clear. First of all, I would answer, “Ummmm……..you did.” Secondly, I would say, “And so have over 11,000 other people. Strangely enough, there are some people who like what I’m writing.” Finally? SEE NUMBER ONE.

3. Also refrain from comments like, “How about going to a therapist” or “What makes your troubles so much worse…” These comments are quite ignorant. Unless the blogger is talking about committing suicide, in which case seeing a professional is a really good idea. I have yet to see a blogger who is claiming to have cornered the market on tribulation & suffering – though I bet Job’s would have been pretty good. Y’know what makes my troubles so much worse?? They’re MINE. Which gives me the right to talk about them in any manner I see fit.

4. Don’t tell said blogger what they should & shouldn’t talk about. When you’re visiting a person’s blog, you’re doing exactly that – visiting THEIR blog. Where they talk about what’s going on in their life. And unless you’re smoking pot or you’re Little Orphan Annie, things are not always rosey in our lives. Sometimes we talk about BAD things. Sometimes our kids make us CRAZY. Sometimes we have to get off what’s on our chests before we take an automatic weapon into a mall. If you don’t like it…SEE NUMBER ONE.


Oh, and one more thing. It’s one thing to point out to someone an error in their theology or a mistake in Scripture or even if they’ve done something unBiblical. It’s quite another to tell someone that, as a Christian, they should never have a negative thought or feeling and expressing it is A HUGE SIN. Because that’s a lie straight out of the pit of hell. The Bible is filled with people who whined, complained, cried out to God, and recounted their tribulations. And God blessed those people. Yes, we should be attempting to find joy in all circumstances, but sometimes things are going badly and YOU NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT. Telling people just to shut up & keep it all inside is the kind of thinking that makes people like Paula Yates murder her children.

PS: I have every intention of letting my children read everything I’ve ever written about them EVER. When they’re older. When they’ll appreciate it. Not now, because the self-absorption of childhood would make it all warped. But if they want to read it when they’re teens or adults, that’s cool with me. Because none of it is insulting or abusive in any way. It’s truth. Being a mom is HARD. Sometimes you think you’re going to lose your mind. Sometimes their arguing and screaming makes you want to put a fist through the wall. Sometimes (gasp!) you want to be anywhere else but with them. It’s called reality. How nice it must be to have reached that “perfect and blameless” place that Paul talks about. When you bend down to shine your pedestal, give me a wave.