A Bit of Housekeeping

You spammers, you. You know who you are. Out there writing exactly enough in a comment to attempt to get past my comment moderation/spam filter so my blog will link back to your stupidness. I HATE you. You have annoyed me so much. Every day, I get comment moderation notification for 6-10 comments and, with each one, I get all happy that someone has read my blog and thought it worthy of comment. Then I realize the comment was on an entry from a while ago and it’s filled with such intriguing and insightful comments as:

This is such a heartwarming story it’s great howm families can be so close to each other


Congratulations Christy, and jubilations I want the world to know da da da da da daaaaa

or the eloquently worded

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I don’t know what’s more insulting – that someone (or somebot) would think I’d approve that comment or that they even think those qualify as sentences. Whatever the deal is – STOP IT. So, I installed an extra anti-spam dealyjob for comments that hopefully will eliminate some of it. I’m sorry to make your experience as an actual reader of this blog (and hopefully, a commenter) more annoying, but there it is.

Enough of that. What I really want to talk about is my new Wii Fit. I bought it for our anniversary – sort of a combo present for both of us. Oh, yeah, the 7th was our 15th anniversary. So that’s cool. Since both of us really need to lose weight and get more fit, it seemed like a really good present. Kind of a “let’s do something so we don’t die on one another in 10 years” kind of gift. I signed up on it right away and have done 2 days worth already – plus the 2 days over at my mom’s. Now, I’m no fitness expert. All you have to do is look at me to know that. But I’m pretty impressed by the quantity and variety of exercise options available on Wii Fit Plus. At first, the aerobics exercises looked stupid, but I didn’t realize how hula hooping can tire you out when you’re out of shape. What I’ve done so far is try to do 30 minutes every time & mix it up with different things. Yesterday, I went everything on the aerobics menu except for the long run. I was really sweating by the end of it! Today I did the top line of yoga, some strength exercises, both hula hoops, basic step and then did Kung Fu and the Island bike ride under Training Plus. Thirty minutes and MAN do my legs ache now. The only problem I’m having is that, because you have to use the balance board without shoes, my feet are hurting. I’m assuming that will improve with time. I’ve got a high instep and running or stepping a lot without shoes makes it cramp.

Now the fun part. When you first sign up on Wii Fit, you have to enter all your information and have the balance board measure you, calculating your BMI, weight, Wii Fit age by testing your balance capabilities and comparing it to your age, weight, etc. Here’s what’s funny. I don’t know who made this decision regarding the script of the Wii Fit, but this makes me laugh hard. When you’re doing all this body measuring stuff and the training, the program tells you to wait to step on the board. Then it tells you to step on. And, in a high-pitched, cartoony voice, the board says:


Now, occasionally, it will say, “Great!”, but mostly it exclaims, “OH!” In alarm, discomfort and panic. I’m hoping this is not exclusive to me and my family (since it happens for me, Maggie & Steven). But I fully expect it to, one day, let out a Elmo-ish “HOLY CRAP!” when I step on. Apparently, it is not on the Wii Fit’s agenda to make you feel all snuggly about yourself. It wants you to be as alarmed and panicked about your weight as it is. :hee:

After you’ve entered your information, it then measures you. And, depending on your weight/BMI, a little thermometer-like scale on the left lifts up to tell you whether you’re underweight, ideal, overweight or obese. Looks like this (and no, this isn’t mine)

See the little blue line & arrow showing where this guy fits on the scale? That thing rises to wherever you fall. Mine? Raced to the top and burst through, leaving a trail of “obese” red blood droplets pouring out the top. Happy me. I knew it, though, so it wasn’t much of a shock. If you’re obese, like I am, your little Mii character plumps up like a Ball Park frank, reminding you what a chubby sausage you actually are. No fantasy here. When you’re done, it takes you to tell your Wii Fit Age, which I’m not sure how they calculate, because at my mom’s, I got 51. My first day at home, I got 36. Today, I got 44. Apparently, I am ageless – like a whispering wind or a stand of pine trees. What’s hysterical is that your Mii stands on a stage in a spotlight as a drum roll precedes the reveal of your Wii Fit age – when a Tetris-style huge number falls on your head. If your age is good, your Mii jumps up & down with happiness. If not, your Mii’s head falls and shakes in despair. Hysterical.

We also love the little music piece that plays after a game if you don’t do so well. Your Mii gets all sad & despondent and this melancholy music plays. Maggie & I started singing to it:

“You faaaaaail, you faiiiiiil….you’re baaaaaad at this gaaaaame. Don’t tryyyyyy, just go hooooome……you are baaaaad and you faaaaaail….”

It’s so funny.

Also – when you pick your personal trainer (who does strength training & yoga with you), you will be creepily alarmed by this animated person who talks to you WITHOUT MOVING THEIR MOUTH. It alarms me, I tell you.

But I’m doing it. Plus….OH, PLUS!! Get this: I have cooked EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK. Healthy recipes from Cooking Light. We did roast chicken with potatoes & squash, tuna noodle casserole, fettuccine Alfredo with bacon, chicken fried rice and spaghetti. And none of the first 4 meals had more than 400 calories per serving. Does that rock or what?? I have to say, I really, really hate all this. I hate exercising, I hate eating healthily, I hate cooking. It would be nice if fitness was like on the Sims – just one good workout and you’re back in shape. But, since I guess I don’t wanna die, I’d better do this.

I like having a Wii. For years and years, we insisted we would never having a gaming system in our home. It’s too distracting and, for an addictive personality like me, troublesome. I decided it stays in our bedroom unless we want to play Rock Band (because I don’t want a drum kit in my bedroom). That way I control who uses it, when and for how long. I got an account at GameFly (a Netflix-like game rental thing) and am awaiting my first actual games. Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine and Resident Evil 4. I have such diverse tastes, don’t I?