A bit better

So I went back yesterday & got some good news. It seemed to stop spreading & even recede a bit. It’s still rather tender & a big knot in one particular spot. But the doctor thought it looked much better & I didn’t need the hospital or another Rocephin shot. Just “go home. stay off it. keep the Augmentin going & warm compresses.” Unfortunately, once the immediate threat is gone, the ability to really take care of myself is removed. I haven’t really stayed off of it like I should because of the kids & we did some Christmas shopping today. I think, thanks to my mom’s help, I might have everything bought. Except for Steve. Not sure what to get for him. Blah.

The joy of my life today? The lovely & delicate bowel irregularity that has visited me due to the vicious anitbiotics I’m on. My intestines are constantly rumbling, cramping & shifiting around. A total mess. This needs to stop, soon. I’ve had 3 cartons of yoghurt today and it’s not any better. At least I was able to make it through the shopping without any embarrassing accidents. Henry’s finally feeding himself. Mom-Mom taught him how to pick up Cheerios and get them into his mouth on Friday. When he actually figure it out, he was THRILLED. He totally digs being able to get his own food in his mouth.