Scrappin’ Saturdays

Finally finished with all the part & post-party machinations, so now I can focus on what Saturday’s all about….scrapping!! Without further ado, let’s get into it.

I have be completely honest right now. I’m actually struggling to find things to show y’all that I really, really like. It seems like all the stuff I’m seeing looks very similar to everything else out there. And, since I’m not a person terribly entranced by “cute”, I’m struggling somewhat. I’m seeing a whole boatload of “cute” right now and, if that’s your cup ‘o tea, then there’s lots out there for ya. Don’t get me wrong, though. I’m not saying I hate what’s out there. I’m just looking for stuff that grabs my eye – which is a totally personal & subjective thing. If you like cute kits, you’ll find a lot of really good, high quality stuff and, to be honest, you don’t need me to do it. I just wish I could find more of a variety of stuff – different style, different colors and less “cute”.

Okay – enough whining. I will share with you what I have found that I really like.

The first “find” is courtesy of Digital Scrapbook Artisan Guild. I just got an email from them in my mailbox this morning & I really liked what I saw. If you have a girl, it’s one of about a BILLION other gorgeous kits you’ll find out there, but this one had a bit of a edge to it that I liked. It might be the hand drawn feeling or the flower clusters  – I’m not really sure. But there are a few papers that I really like and a LOVE the quick page kit. This kit is a only available to members of the Guild, which you can join at a price of $17.50 for 3 months. Yes, that’s a hefty price on its face, but it comes out to about $5.83/month. You not only get this monthly kit (that’s 3 kits total) that has 10 papers, 40 elements, an alpha PLUS a 10 page 8×8″ brag book quick page album; you also get a subscription to their “Artisan Notebook” magazine which is really cool. I’m not a member right now, but I might join because I really like this kit. Here’s a peek:

Isn’t that adorable? Cute, but with that added black, it’s got an edge, so it isn’t cutesy.

Something else I found is a beautiful word art pack by Christine Haskell at NDISB:

I LOVE these. They’re not the same as everything else out there – either in the sentiment expressed or the way she put them together. They’re soft and interesting to look at and the quotes are beautiful. Add these to my list.

Next is an offering by Antonio Rafella over at Sophia Sarducci. These are cool 12×12″ mats with “laser-cut” edges that can be used to make designer-look papers. The best part is that they’re available for personal and commercial use, so you cana use them for anything.

There’s a “set 2” available, too, which is really nice. I like this pack best, though.

Finally, is a kit/quick page set that I found from Lliella Designs back after the DST Trash to Treasure Hunt. I hadn’t even heard of her before, and I fell in LOVE. I bought the quick page kit immediately, but the kit is amazing, as well.

I just think that’s gorgeous. A nice mix of realistic extractions and drawing and it’s just beautiful. Yeah, you can use it for Asian-themed layouts, but I’m going to just use the quick pages for pictures of my Maggie. It’s feminine without being “girly”, so I love it.

Now let’s look at what I’ve got that’s new, shall we? :hee: I’ve begun to dip my toes into the commercial use pool and I released stuff at Butternug Squash/NDISB and Sophia Sarducci’s this week. I showed you the CU stuff from Sophia’s last week, so I won’t bore you with that again. Let’s look at what’s new at Butternug Squash and NDISB this week:

First are commercial use overlays:

Next are commercial use buttons!! These are available as both commercial and personal use, so whatever you need, I’ve got, y’all.

And then some wicked cool metal attachments for both commercial & personal use.

Each picture links to the product at Butternug Squash. If you’d prefer to purchase at NDISB, here’s the link:

Coming to Sophia Sarducci’s on Monday are some MORE new commercial use items! Check out what’s coming:

These overlays are for commercial use only. Aren’t they yummy??

I’ve also got these neat new fancy mats for photo matting, journaling or whatever else you can think! They’re about 5″ square and they’re for commercial or personal use.

They’re not in the store yet, but come Monday morning, make sure you go check out the new products at Sophia Sarducci Designs!

Okay – that’s it for this week. Leave a comment and let me know what you think of episode 2 of Scrappin’ Saturdays!