Wow – time warp. Watching an old SNL from ’02 hosted by Britney before she was a big ‘ole hot mess. Dang – how quickly they fall.

I think I might be developing agoraphobia, y’all. I had a complete meltdown while grocery shopping today. We went to this store in a town about 20 minutes away because Steve prefers shopping there. We got there & I was fine, but within 5 minutes, I began to freak out. The store was WAY. TOO. FULL. OF. PEOPLE. all of whom were way too close to me. We didn’t even make it out of the produce section before I had to pull out of traffic and started twitching. Seriously – I was scratching myself nonstop like hives. It got worse & worse as we made it through the store – there just kept getting more & more people and I couldn’t find what I wanted because nothing was where I thought it should be. The store was terrifically well-stocked, so that wasn’t a problem. I just kept trying to find what I wanted, but it wasn’t ever where it made sense to me to be. So I got more & more disoriented & less & less able to focus. We got to the last aisle – where the dairy was – and that aisle was packed to the gills. Before I knew it, I was making some creepy moaning noise back in my throat. I got a bunch of yogurt and RAN for the checkout. Loaded up the belt in record time & then stood by the bagger ripping open the flesh on my palms because I couldn’t stop digging my fingernails into them & scratching them. I was right on the verge of tears and wanted, more than anything, to let out a scream that went from a low, groany, gutteral moan into a soul-crushing, terrified screech. Literally, it took me 20 minutes to calm down and get my breathing back to normal after we got to the car. Every muscle had been clenched down the entire time, because I could feel each & every one let up over time. Including my jaw, which made me gasp when I finally opened my mouth. I’ve never experienced that before. Steve thinks I’m developing agoraphobia. Freaking. Me. Out.

Oooh- new kit is up in the store!!!! Bloomin’ Spring is so very, very cute. Check it!

It’s up at Butternug Squash and NDISB and it’s on sale through Sunday!! At BSD, the regular introductory pricing of $2/kit and $1.50/paper pack lasts through Sunday and ALL my stuff over at NDISB is 30% off through Sunday! Yay!!