I took Maggie to see Chronicles of Narnia today. What a wonderful, wonderful movie that was. Just fanfreakintastic. Tilda Swinton’s portrayal of the White Witch was simply amazing. Cold & evil with a ferocity that’s just terrifying. I even liked the kids. Little Lucy was totally adorable. The faun was cool and a little fiesty. Aslan made me cry. Just him coming out of the tent had so much majesty – I just wept. And I just wanted to cuddle up with him & bury my face in his mane. We talked about whether it would be okay for Steven to see and Maggie thought not. As she said, “There’s trolls and goblins and such…” I think it would be too much for him in the theatre, but perhaps not too bad at home. Fantastically good movie, though. I thoroughly enjoyed it – or would have if there weren’t a gaggle of 7-9 year old girls behind us fooling around, giggling, talking, and jumping out of their seats through the whole thing. I actually had to shush them 3 times. Because whatever adult brought them all couldn’t be bothered. Blurgh. I leaned over and whispered to Maggie, “You better NEVER act like this in the movies.”