School Choices.

Loooooong weekend. We’ve decided that, instead of going to Maggie’s school in the fall, Steven’s going to go to the pre-kindergarten program at the school where he’s been receiving speech therapy. It’s been a tough decision to make since we think the education at Maggie’s school would be excellent, we’ve been very worried about his behavior/social issues. While MCS is a great school and has the added benefit of giving him the spiritual education we think is vital, there isn’t a whole lot of quarter given for kids who have special needs. I just worried about him losing all his jewels (behavior points) every day & having to go to the principal’s office all the time. That can’t be good for fostering self-esteem & encouraging him to enjoy his scholastic career. So, after we had a meeting with Steven’s therapist & the school psychologist & I mentioned wanting to have him evaluated both for OT issues & behavior issues, the psychologist realized that after the last meeting they had recommended their school for pre-K due to those very issues. It’s settled. I’m a little worried, but I think this may be the best thing. I think it’s important for his first school experience to be positive & help him adapt to a classroom environment. After that, we’ll see if everybody thinks he would do okay at Maggie’s school. I hope so.

I’ve been enjoying all this great smelly stuff I’ve been getting in the mail from other aficionados of BPAL. I have yet to receive my 1st order from BPAL itself (I’m not expecting it till end of June/beginning of July), but I’ve been buying little samples from around the internet & I am. In. Love. So far, I’ve tried Tenochtitlan, Wicked, Dirty, Lust,Sea of Glass, Alice, Envy, Hamadryad, Snake Oil, Samhain, Hell’s Belle, Highwayman, O.

Sea of Glass didn’t agree with me & I think Lust is gonna be a loser, too, but the others are really nice. Snake Oil, Tenochtitlan & Alice are my favorites right now. Really creamy, smoky, lush scents – all 3 – with some spicy bites. I’m l-o-v-e loving these. And…I’ve got another 32 imps on the way from other people. Yikes. I didn’t realize I’d gone quite that overboard till I counted. Oh, well. I’m gonna smell gooooooooooood.