Poxfest – One month

Well, it’s day 3 of Henry’s leg of the big Pox Festival 2005 & let’s just say ‘don’t take the brown acid’.



Henry is miserable. Most of the pox are on his face, but they’re on his chest, tummy, back, bottom, scrotum & penis. All he knows is that he’s uncomfortable & hot. He just wants cuddling, which is okay by me.

Some things I’ve learned in the past couple days:

1) Mardi Gras beads lying on a hardwood floor make for a pretty spectacular fall.
2) It’s hard to sleep when someone is jamming their toes in your backside.
3) Trying to put calamine lotion on a child with sensory issues is hard.
4) Just when you think you’ve dodged a bullet & it’s not going to get passed, the next kid will get it; thereby ensuring that the maximum isolation possible is reached. 3 kids? ONE MONTH.
Let’s hope tonight is filled with sleep & tomorrow brings happier times.