I spent my day thinking & planning how to upgrade my blog. I have to admit, I’m bored with LiveJournal. I’ve been flying around out there in cyberspace & I’m totally in love with what I’m seeing. So…I think I’m going to get my own domain name for this puppy & start fresh. I won’t abandon LJ completely as I do have some friends here & like reading their stuff & checking out some of the communities. I’m still pretty new to all this, though, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that there’s a TON of cool mommies out there blogging. And their stuff is good. Here’s some linkspam to a couple I liked:

Busy Mom
Coffee & Varnish
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{A} (Ali Edwards blog. She’s one of my scrapbooking gurus)
{bits & pieces} (Cathy Zielske’s blog. Her scrapping book changed my life )
daily glimpses (Something about her site is gorgeous to me.)
Miss Zoot (I simply adore her site. I’m asking her to come up with a style for me)

That’s just a couple. I really had no idea the amount of really great & gorgeous stuff there is out there. There’s so much pretty!

Let’s see…day 3 of PoxFest 2005. Maggie seems to be doing much better. Most of her pox are scabbed over (scabbed. what an icky word.) and she’s hardly itchy at all. I think she might lick this thing before the end of the week. Still on alert for the boys, though. Not a pock in sight, but just when I think we’re all clear, I’m sure it’ll rear its ugly head. I’m just glad I can’t get it. I don’t need any more itching in my life right now. kthnxbai.

Took the kids out & grabbed drive-through Oberweis ice cream. We all needed to get out of the house & this was as good a trip as any. It’s frustrating when you can’t go in anywhere ‘cuz one of your kids is plague-ridden. So…we grabbed our ice cream & headed home. Then I was in cleaning mode. Must have been the sugar. I got both kids’ rooms cleaned up. Steven/Henry’s wasn’t so bad, but Maggie’s was apocalyptic. No…REALLY. I couldn’t get the door open all the way. You couldn’t see any floor at all. So…I got to work. Grabbed a garbage bag & started dumping. (Aside: I had asked her 7 times over the past week to clean her room & she didn’t. When it gets to the point where I have to do it for her, *I* decide what gets thrown away. And I am merciless.) I filled 5 kitchen-sized garbage bags + a couple larger things that wouldn’t fit in a bag. I found so many treasures, though. 38975029375987923890584 little beads used to make jewelry. 6 sippy cups filled with God only knows what that had been under her bed God only knows how long. Half-eaten cookies. Bits of cereal. Unidentified sticky things. And mouse turds YEE-HAW! So they’re having a rodent rave in her room every night – eating all the little goodies left behind by my raiding-the-kitchen-without-permission children. And pooping everywhere. I HATE that. But, after an hour & a half, her room is clean. But now I feel dirty. Ew.

Meanwhile, while I’m doing the majority cleaning up front (before I make Maggie get under her bed & pull out the stuff I don’t wanna ‘cuz there’s MICE, y’all), Maggie & Steven are playing dress-up. Steven comes mincing into the room in a pointy princess hat, boa & wand declaring, quite decisively, “I a PRINCESS, Mommy.” And I didn’t get all goofy on him! “Oh, how pretty you are!” I responded. Yay me. Then he & Maggie were fighting over this wicked cool gold hat. It’s so funny to me to see Steven, in all his destructive, digging, truck/tank/monster truck glory, all decked out in princess gear. It’s incongruous. Completely.