The weather in the Chicago area is just miserable. Just 3 days ago it was 80 degrees. Today? It was snowing. SNOWING. Fer cryin’ out loud. Only here can it vacillate that much in such a short time. I hate having to have 3 seasons worth of clothing available at all times. Blurgh. I gotta find someplace where the weather’s a comfy 65-75 degrees all year long.

We went to the library today. The “superlibrary”, as Steven puts it. Big, huge library that has 2 floors, a huge children’s section, A/V section and other stuff. I really like it there. I could spend so much time picking out books. I really have to restrain myself cause there’s only so much I can read in one borrowing period. I got a book, video & CD-ROM about learning ASL that I’m excited to get started with. “Conversational ASL for Dummies” is one. I’ve gone through about half of it already (it has a DVD with it) and it’s great. The difficult part is that ASL sentence structure is so different, so you can’t just word-for-word translate from English syntax to ASL. It goes time + subject + color + other adjective + verb. So, that’s the really difficult part. I’ll be interested to see how long it takes me to get comfortable with it. I also got “Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister” by Gregory Maguire. He’s the guy that wrote the book for “Wicked”. It’s the same type of treatment as he gave “Wicked”, only with the Cinderella story. That oughta be good.

Henry’s sitting here studying his pacifier like he’s never seen it before. It’s kinda amusing to watch him move it around, staring at it, pulling the strap, licking the strap, and finally plugging himself up with it.

Steve rented the 1st series of Deadwood and we’ve been watching that. Come on – you can’t convince me that anybody ever swore that much. EVER. It’s like every 3rd word. It’s very distracting. But, the acting is incredible. Ian McShane is unbelievable as Swearingen. The man’s eyes are just DEAD. I’m really enjoying his performance, even if the character makes my skin crawl. All the performances are that good, though. Brad Dourif as Doc is amazing. I’d only ever seen him as Wormtongue in LOTR, but this is a whole different person. I think he’s my favorite character. Full of mercy & wanting to do the best & right thing, but doesn’t take any guff from anybody. Jeffery Jones, though? Creeps me out. He plays the newspaper man, but all I can think is that he’s a pedophile. It’s all icky. Glad to know if I ever needed to, I could find a series on which to get work. It’s nice to find television that employs overweight, dirty, unattractive women in regular roles. It’s rockin’ to see women who’ve eaten recently & whose cheekbones aren’t sharp. Yay for the Wild West. Yikes. Swearingen is one evil psycho. I would not ever want to make this man mad.