What a week so far. We’ve all been fighting off sick since last Friday & I’m bloody tired. Maggie stayed home on Friday with a horrid cough. Then Steven awoke at 3 am throwing up. He was sick all day Saturday – totally lethargic, hot & throwing up. We got through the weekend and then Steve turned up sick on Tuesday. Then Steven started with one of those miserable, barking coughs on Tuesday night. Then yesterday I started feeling sicky, Steve came home from work early afternoon & is completely down. Then…the littlest trouper, Henry, caught sick today. Little fever, all floppy (well, more floppy anyway) and fussy. And, of course, I get to take care of everyone even though I just want to crawl up & sleep for days.

Henry is the Flexor. I have christened him. I’m going to sew him up a little superhero costume & send him out to save the world. Great big “F” on the chest. I took the boys to the doctor tonight & Teh Squish (his pseudonym, I think) was all asleep. I laid him on the bed and went to get bedtime stuff done. When I came back in the room, he was flat on his back with both legs splayed out to the side in the splits. Feet flexed, totally comfortable, but like a Stretch Armstrong doll.

I’m going to be doing a devotional for a baby shower next week. I get to stand up & wax poetic about motherhood & what it means & God & all that. I HATE doing stuff like this. Who am I to be standing up in front of all these women to give advice on motherhood – I mean these are Godly women who have had bundles of kids & do/have done a far, far better job than I. I feel like a fraud. Hmmm….maybe I should go with that theme & expound on that Scripturally. I’ll have to think about it. Maybe I’ll slowly write it here & see where it goes.