I don’t know about you, but I haven’t heard anything about this Down Syndrome Iraqi anywhere. Other than what DH heard & the story I got a link on, I’ve heard 100% of NOTHING on this.

Steven’s running around right now with his “peanut” dangling about (his word, not mine). He dropped his drawers and runs over, crowing, “Mommy!!! Look my peanut!!!” Kthnxdude. It’s charming. Quite a work of art. And, at times, a bit alarming. But, I digress.
He’s developed a lovely new expression when I won’t let him do what he wants. It’s rather endearing, actually. As he walks away, he mutters, “Stupid mommy”. Cool, huh? He’s such a stinky, dirty boy.

Henry’s a mighty, mighty master of funk. He’s starting to really dig music & is starting to bop along a little bit (upper body only) when he hears it. He’s also army crawling all over the place & is totally digging Steven’s trains. He’s completely abandoned his toys in favor of Steven’s. I can only imagine the disagreements to come. “No, Squishy, that’s MINE!!!!” “DTRRTRRTRRTRRTRRTRR PTHBLBLBTHBLTHBLTH!!!”

We’re right now watching Monsters Inc. for the 4th time TODAY. That’s right, TODAY. I think we’ve seen this movie 15 times over the past week. I’m starting to discern nuances in the performances that probably aren’t there. I can hardly stand to listen to John Goodman anymore because it sounds like his larynx is completely surrounded by 14 layers of fat & it’s about to suffocate him. Like he’s going to drown within his throat on his own fat. Totally gross.

Okay – can’t think of anything else.