I feel like crap. Yuk. I, Steven & Henry all have nasty little head colds that are totally gettin’ under my skin right now. I’m tired of sinus pressure, post-nasal drip, and a constant headache. I LOVE fall, but I truly, truly hate getting sick – as happens every year.
Poor Henry can hardly breathe through his nose. I keep having to pick these boulder-size boogs out that just sit there at the opening blocking off any semblance of oxygen. And he just SMILES. Someone oughta sculpt a statute or write a sonnet or an opera about this boy. He’s just so…..cool.
Steven’s just a dirty, snotty mess. YOu’d think that this kind of clogging would make him want to sit & be quiet, right? Not a chance. Between running outside to play in the dirt, bottomless, and wiping his nose onto the rest of his face, he is the essence of Pig Pen. Oh…the bottomless thing? We are potty training. When he’s nekkid down yonder, he actually uses the potty. When anything is covering it, he doesn’t. That simple. Doesn’t matter if it’s a pullup or underpants – they’re fair game. So…he’ll come running back inside, pants, underpants & shirttail soaking wet, happy as a clam & not wanting to be changed. Yeek. I try to get pants on him before he sneaks outside, but he’s tricky. I was resting the other day & realized it was too quiet. I sit up, look out the window & see Steven, sans pants, standing at the fence, talking to our next door neighbor, Ralph, about whatever thing he’s building today. I grab a pull-up, run outside & frantically jam it on, apologizing profusely to Ralph for being exposed to our son’s dangly bits. “We’re potty training &, y’know, he does better with nothing on…” “Oh..” he responds. “I thought I was in Europe.”
Anyway. I’m finding it hard to think with these little drilling trolls mining away in my sinuses, so I’ll leave you with a site that made milk come out my nose this morning. Well…diet coke, actually. Not a big milk-drinker, I.
Make sure you check out “Recent Discoveries”, “Clothing” & oh, geez, just check it all out.

I was waiting for coming to the shop. It is very well!