bad-mood-attitude-graphicI am in a bad mood. No…a BAD mood. I started bleeding yesterday & have spent last night & today in achy crampy pain as I wait for this miscarriage to finish. I went & had a blood test yesterday to get a base HCg level & have to go back tomorrow to get another, but I can’t imagine that I could bleed this much & still be pregnant. Wouldn’t you know – as soon as I start to be okay with all of it and actually get a little excited, it’s over. I feel horrible & icky. Plus, now I’m just all peevish, so everything is p***ing me off.

Especially in regards to designing. Apparently, I’m going to have to bribe people to ever get mentioned by people in forums around the community. New people come out of the woodwork and people can’t stop praising them. People still don’t even know who I am. Bah. (Of course, all of this could be a hormonal rant, so take it all with a grain of salt, okay?) I’m just annoyed and peeved and feeling generally like punching someone.

We still have mice. As I ran from the bathroom to the bedroom this morning, trying not to bleed on the floor (TMI, I know), a stupid mouse ran from under my dresser over to my sink. And then magically disappeared or burst into flame or used its magical camouflage powers to blend into the floorboards. I don’t know what these things do when they’re cornered, but they always seem to vanish into thin air. So, off to spend more money on glue boards. Much hate.

Then, as I bring Henry in from school to put him down in the living room and take off his coat, I trip over his Fisher Price house, and break the bloody thing as I try to keep from smooshing Henry with my ample body weight. I snapped the entire thing off from the base, so now it’s totally broken. The door won’t stay on. I suck. I just want to crawl into bed & sleep until the tired & the cramping stops. Sorry to wreck your Thursday. Hope yours is better.