Goodbye, Ray

It’s been a crazy week of scheduling, planning and tired. And sadness. Just wanted to take minute & let y’all know that Steve’s dad finally let go last night at about 6pm CST. They finally got everyone assembled on Friday night to be there when they took him off the machines, but the stubborn guy dug his heels in & decided he was gonna go on HIS terms – nobody else’s.

By Saturday morning (Steve spent the night at the hospital with him so he wouldn’t be alone when he died), it looked like he was getting better – he was trying to get out of the bed and being responsive to Steve. But, what it looks like to me is that he simply wasn’t going to die in front of anybody. He hung on until everybody had gone (either transporting to their hotels or seeing their Mom) and then he let go. I finally got to see him after he died – Steve’s siblings didn’t see any need to go over there now that he was dead, but Steve wanted to see him, so I went along and got to say my goodbyes. He had only been dead for an hour and was already cold. We’re so glad he’s not suffering anymore because, especially in the last week or so, he was very uncomfortable and really suffering. So now that’s all done &, as Steven puts it in his inimitable way, “We don’t have to be sad because Gumpa’s not dead anymore – he’s alive in heaven.” Such wisdom from a 5 year old. Thank you for all your prayers. We’ll be having the funeral on Saturday, and I’m singing 3 songs, so just be praying that it will go well and everyone’s needs will be met.