*Tap Tap* Hello??

I am still alive. The last week and a half has been rough. Y’know that flu that’s been going around? It FLATTENED our family. I think Steve brought it home (horrible, stupid schools), but I’m not sure because pretty much any time he’s home for a few days, he’s sick. Though it’s impossible to tell WHO brought it home, what with kids at 2 different schools and Steve at yet a third.

Maggie seemed to get it first, staying home on the 8th with a queasy stomach. She never got sick, but she felt all creepy and weird. That Thursday night, Steven woke me up having thrown up in his bed. Here we go…right?

He threw up all Thursday night & into Friday morning. I did the first of a crazy number of bed linens. Then Friday night, William threw up on me. Yuck. Stripped that bed, too. That is the worst. He has no idea what’s happening and just cries & cries. He got sick all night and into the next morning. He seemed to be much better on Saturday and then that afternoon, Henry started. I HATE it when Henry throws up. He’s like William in that he has no idea what’s going, but he does have enough self-awareness to know that it’s wrong & horrible and he just cries and tries to make it stop. Then to add insult to injury, he’s saying, “I’m sorry” while he’s vomiting. Could you just die?

He got sick a couple times, but falling asleep early seemed to make it better. However, William was being sneaky about it. He was like Al Pacino in Godfather 3. Just when we thought he was done, he’d pull us back in by puking on the bed again. I have never in my life had so much laundry.

Finally, Sunday night, William threw up for the last time. Through all this, I knew I’d get it too. When William started, I knew it was only a matter of time. Strangely enough, all I got was the queasy tummy where I couldn’t tell if I was hungry or had to throw up. It was strange. Steve got it too and was throwing up, but Maggie & I weren’t. It was as if it was a weird gender-specific flu.

But, unfortunately, it wasn’t gender-specific. Tuesday, Maggie came home after school complaining that her stomach was bothering her again. That night, she woke me up at 1:30 that she had thrown up. And, of course, she didn’t make it to the bathroom either. Thankfully, it wasn’t in her bed, so she could go back to sleep with a bowl by her side and a towel thrown over the mess on her carpet.

Can I just say now how thankful I am for my Hoover Steam Cleaner? I cannot imagine cleaning up the amount of vomit I faced without it. So. Incredibly. Thankful. Anyway, Maggie finally got over it on Wednesday and I am PRAYING that we are done now. Though, of course, now Steven has a cough. Just want to be healthy for Christmas.

The other rough thing was trying to get this Christmas present for my family done. Between bouts of vomit and the laundry mountain, I worked on this present. I finally finished it on Friday, got it uploaded and ordered. Unfortunately, I missed the deadline for guaranteed delivery for Christmas. I’m disappointed that I didn’t get it done in time. I can still give it, though, so I’m okay.

Oh, by the way, I wanted to share this other pine cone frame I made. I decided to do a spring one this time. When I finished it, Maggie & I decided it looked like Sleeping Beauty. She asked if she could keep it, so now it resides in her room.