More Books

Mommy tired. Very tired.

William’s atypical night has not repeated itself, praise God, but I’ve been wicked busy. We are having this garage sale on the 27th & 28th, so I’m really digging in to get things done. I knew we had a lot of clothes, but I really had NO IDEA. I spent about 5 hours on Friday and another 4 hours today sorting, pricing & preparing clothes and I’m only about halfway done. I still have to finish going through the basement for toys & other items, get the rest of the stored stuff out and sorted, go through the boys’ room, my books & some random places to make sure I’ve cleared out everything I don’t want. And I am CLEARING OUT. I went through my whole closet that was stuffed full and decided to keep less than a dozen things. It looks like I’m moving out. It will be very good to get rid of all this stuff, so I’m cool with it. Plus, make a little money.

Changing the subject now. I’ve read two more really, really good books. I very much enjoy young adult fiction because it’s easy to read, not too overdone and I find it interesting. My problem with YA fiction today is that probably 90% of it is about either witchcraft or having sex. Even the books that aren’t about that feature it way too prominently. I don’t know when it became necessary for every teen book to talk about how often the lead character pleasures himself or thinks about sex. Can’t we just have an interesting story featuring a young person who isn’t completely focused on sex? Sheesh.
Anyway, the first book I read was called Hate List. I actually ran across a list of some of today’s highest rated young adult fiction. This one was highly recommended, so I got it from the library. The premise is provocative. A boy has shot up his high school, killing many kids, shooting his girlfriend in the leg as she attempts to save a classmate and committing suicide. The story follows the girlfriend as she deals with the aftermath of the event. Some people see her as bad as her boyfriend. Some see her as a hero, as she stepped in front of a bullet for someone. Most just don’t want to deal with her. We follow her as she returns to school the following fall and how she fights to reclaim her life and her instincts to just run away. I very much enjoyed the honesty in this story. In reality, this situation would be hugely volatile. It wasn’t quite as volatile as I would expect it to be in the book, but there is a lot to see inside the head of the main character. Watching her fight within herself to reconcile the boyfriend she knew with the guy who shot up her school is difficult, but very truthful.

Another thing I really enjoyed about this book is that while it lives in the world of high school relationships, there isn’t a bunch of gratuitous sex to distract from the actual story going on. We see their relationship and the feelings they had for one another without getting all graphic about it. I thought this book was quite good. Well-written, doesn’t talk down to its audience, interesting and compelling story & characters.

The next book is amazing. Yes, it’s another zombie book. Yes, I do have a problem, thank you very much. This one is very unique, though. Brains is actually written by a zombie. Um, no, that’s not what I meant. The actual AUTHOR isn’t a zombie. The protagonist is a zombie. In this universe, there are a few zombies who are sentient. They can think. They can reason. The main character, Jack, was a university professor before he was bitten. One of those intellectual better-than-you guys who smoke a pipe, wear jackets with leather patches, don’t watch TV and constantly quote books you’ve never even heard of. After he “rises”, he realizes he can think. He has cognizant thought, can reason, can plan and can even control his lust for brains. He decides to travel to Chicago (I’m sorry…shuffle slowly to Chicago) to find the guy responsible for the virus and explain his superpowers. Along the way, he meets other zombies who have superpowers of their own. Joan can use her nurse skills to “maintain” the zombies. Guts can move really fast. Annie has sniper rifle skills. Ros can TALK. They band together as a family, traveling to save themselves.

With the glut of zombie books out there, it’s cool to read one from the perspective of the zombies. The idea that some of them could actually retain some of their humanness is wild, clever & a bit creepy. SUCH a good book. Humorous & touching both, I really recommend it. Plus, it’s short enough to get through in a day or so. Oh, this one would make a wicked awesome movie, too. It would be totally fun to watch a movie where you’re rooting for the zombies.

Okay. That’s it for today. Sleep awaits for 6:30 will be here before I know it. Bleaugh.