Okay – since everybody wants the whole story, I’ll share a little more with y’all. I was rather nebulous about it.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with digiscrapping & designing & stuff, this is how it works. As a designer, you get together a team of people who “work” for you. They make layouts using your stuff and work to promote you in different communities around the web. Their payment is to get your stuff for free. Different designers do it differently, but I share links to my products with my CT members and they download as needed to create their work. It goes without saying that, as a CT member, you NEVER share your links or the downloaded products with others. EVER. Because if you do? You’ll never work in this town again.

So this person I was talking about in my last post was on my CT. I have a Yahoo group that only my CT has access to where I post links to my kits – direct links to the server where everything I have is stored. So I’m sitting here on Friday night when an email comes through from one of the other Yahoo groups I belong to. It’s an email from this CT member, sent to the whole group, with nothing more than the name of my newest kit, hotlinked to the server link, with the file contents underneath & the ftp link written again under that. With that information, not only could anyone download that particular kit, they would have access to my entire store – even to crash the whole thing. I raced to change all my passwords. Now, this alone could have been an accident. However, this coupled with some other incidents in the past, caused me to believe that she has been sharing my files with other Yahoo groups for some time. It just happened that she accidentally sent this particular email to the wrong Yahoo group & it went to me. I admit – I could be wrong. But my gut tells me I’m not. My gut tells me that there’s a bunch of people out there who got my hard work for free. Because someone I trusted betrayed that trust. Anyway – enough about all that.

downloadToday was the magic day for Steven – the arrival of Septic Guy & his magic Backhoe!! The kids came home from school today to this amazing treat in the backyard. Our next door neighbor was kind enough to invite Steven over to sit in his yard so he could watch the trenching. He was ENTHRALLED. He sat in this chair for 1 1/2 hours without moving. The best part? They left the backhoe in the backyard for tomorrow. Steven’s totally digging having a backhoe in his yard – even if you can’t go touch it. Tomorrow is his last day of kindergarten. Graduation is tomorrow night. And I’m gonna cry.