25 Things

This meme is all over Facebook and I was tagged, so I’m doing it here. Here goes:

Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. I’m not going to tag anyone, but if you want to do it, go right ahead.

1. I hate feet. Creepy, icky, yucky feet. I’m actually creeped out and disgusted by them. Gnarly and horrfying.

2. When I sleep, I cannot have anyone or anything touch me. No arm thrown over my back, no feet touching me, nothing. I cannot get to sleep like that.

3. Similarly, I cannot sleep facing someone else. Can’t stand some other person’s hot sleep breath on my face.

4. I hate clothes that are snug. Yes, I’m fat, but that’s not why. Long sleeves or pants that are snug drive me nuts. They make me feel trapped.

5. I love hats on other people, but I can’t wear them.

6. I’d rather eat sour balls or gummy bears than chocolate.

7. I’d love to learn to knit, but I feel like I’d stink at it.

8. I can’t sleep without a pillow over my head and ambient noise (fan and humidifier).

9. I had both my sons Steven & Henry at home with the help of a physician-assisted homebirth service.

10. I love magazines and catalogs.

11. I’ve never broken any bones or had a cavity.

12. I have sprained my left ankle 3 times.

13. Someday I will have a dachsund.

14. No matter how hard I try, I cannot keep my home organized.

15. As much as I hate this about myself, I’m drawn to reality shows – the train wreckier, the better.

16. I’ve always wanted to play Evita. I think my chance has passed.

17. I love flannel and 100% cotton sheets. Percale makes me itch.

18. I have everything from Tom Jones to Yolanda Adamas to Led Zeppelin to Casting Crowns to T Rex to Prince to Kirk Franklin to Nichole Nordeman on my iPod.

19. I’m a sucker for product. I love hair products, cosmetics, skin products. I love the way they smell, feel and the promises they make.

20. I’m also a sucker for good product packaging. I’d rather buy something in a pretty package that works less well than something in generic packaging that works great. Stupid, I know.

21. I love chopped salads from Portillo’s.

22. I have nearly debilitating fangirl crushes on Jason Isaacs, Alan Rickman, Chris Meloni & Hugh Laurie. (Yes, I know that those of you who’ve been with me a while know this already) I think my bodily functions would cease functioning and I’d swallow my own tongue if any of them were right in front of me.

23. I’m allergic to shrimp. Which isn’t a big inconvenience since I never really liked them anyway.

24. I think the surprising showing of big, hairy spiders and feet on TV should be illegal. Just give a disclaimer first, okay?

25. Also, all commercials for ED medication, medications for nasty genital infections, penis enlargement meds (yes, I saw one on TV) and REUSING CATHETERS, should be outlawed. There simply are not big enough letters to express the DO NOT WANT that accompanies these commercials.

All righty. That’s 25. That was hard. I’m just not that interesting.