Thanks, McDonald’s!

Okay, so Steve has diabetes, right? Yeah. He’s on medication – though not insulin injections – and is trying to control his diet. So he goes on this trip to Oregon. He’s discovered this yummy iced coffee at McDonald’s and needs to stay awake. Because he’s RESPONSIBLE, he asks three different times at 3 different McD’s to speak to the manager and asks, “Is there ANY SUGAR in the iced coffee?” To which they reply, “Only what you add yourself.” Which means, I think to any rational, intelligent human being, that the iced coffee on its own has NO SUGAR. Which makes sense to Steve because it should only be coffee with ice in it, right? So he drinks these large iced coffees all the way to Oregon & back and arrives home with feet swelled up like hams and blood sugar up over 300.

It occurred to him last Saturday to go online & check out the nutritional information just to be sure. Imagine his shock & dismay when he reads that a large iced coffee (not vanilla or hazelnut) has 46 GRAMS OF SUGAR. Which is HUGE. And explains why his body reacted the way it did with all that sugar intake and lack of movement while driving. I IMMEDIATELY send an angry email to McD’s expressing our outrage that, due to their employees’ complete stupidity & ignorance about their own products, Steve could have DIED. That, in the area of whether their products have sugar or excess salt or something, the employees simply HAVE TO KNOW. Or, if they don’t, they have to LOOK IT UP WHEN ASKED. It’s not like Steve just asked the person working the drive-through & took their word for it. He asked for a manager. If the manager doesn’t know, they need to look it up. Because he’s IN HIS CAR. He CAN’T look it up. He has to rely on what the employees tell him. Steve gets back a form email of apology just saying, “Hey, sorry about that. We take customer service seriously. Have a great day.” Excuse me?? We’re not talking about someone who’s upset because the Big Mac had more calories than they thought & they’re trying to lose weight. We’re talking about LIFE and DEATH on this one. A person with diabetes could enter into a diabetic coma while driving and kill not only themselves, but OTHER DRIVERS. People with illnesses like that can’t survive on a GUESS from an employee. I’m totally mad at McD’s. Totally. mad.

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