Middle School Never Ends

Wow – so much going on. Apparently, the opening at Sophia Sarducci went well, so that makes me really happy. I’m really getting into this whole community designer thing – I just hope my designs are selling well for them. I’ve been working my butt off (yeah…I wish) on a new kit for this week & I’m almost done with it. Just a few little snippets left. It’ll come out on Thursday & it’s called “Ribbet”. Make of that what you will.

We got the BEST news of the month a couple days ago. My parents are going to take a little vacation for nearly the whole month of September and they asked us if we would do the housesitting this time around. So we won’t have to drive the kids to school an hour each way!!! YAY!!!! I’m absolutely thrilled. Be able to take them to school like normal people & still get the packing done. I cannot even express what a burden this took off me.

So….I discovered this other blog through a post at DST. It’s basically an anonymous blog where people can talk about how they really feel about different designers/designs/scrap stores without the fear of being shunned or attacked by the worshippers of some of the more popular designers. And I have to admit, I’m hooked. It’s like seeing a car wreck because the people, under the cloak of anonymity, get really, really foul, hateful & mean. The kinda stuff you’d read on the bathroom wall in a high school girls’ bathroom. Which is a shame, because I think it’s kind of a useful idea – to be able to honestly say that you don’t particularly care for a designer or a kit or even to say that something you bought failed to live up to expectations. Because to express that opinion in one of the public forums (like DST) is to open yourself up to serious personal attacks. If you’re a designer, you risk actually never selling another kit because the claws are that sharp. And it does get a bit tiresome to see the same names over & over again about “how cool is THIS??” type of threads. I myself would love to see more from some of the lesser known, but equally (and sometimes even more) talented designers. People like Linda GB at ScrapArtist, Debra Tope, the other ladies at Sophia Sarducci, Sara Carling, Melgen Designs and, of course, Michelle Coleman, Nancie Rowe Janitz. I’d love to see a lot more threads about how amazing these designers are. In my opinion, they need to be right up at the top of the totem pole with a lot more people talking about them! Their designs are original, beautiful and amazingly crafted. They know about color and detail and each of their designs is a work of art. I strive to be more like them in my designing. That said, I can’t stop reading that blog. While I wish it were a little less mean-spirited and a little more constructive in its criticism, it is fascinating to see what other people like & don’t like. That there are actually people out there who aren’t utterly enamored by everything they see. I hope that if my name is ever mentioned there, that I’ll have the fortitude & good business sense to take the criticism as an opportunity to improve.