Thanks, ComEd!

We’ve been without power since Thursday at about 3pm. It’s now Saturday at midnight. ComEd can take a long walk off a short bridge. I cannot believe it’s been this long. Yeah, we had a LOT of rain on Thursday. We had this monstrous storm come through in the afternoon that looked like what you see for hurricane reports on The Weather Channel. We’ve never really been without power for more than a couple hours or so, so I’m totally freaking out.

We stayed at home on Thursday night – figuring it’d be back on any minute. We all went to bed at 8pm & I just laid there until 11:30pm (I think) listening to people’s generators pumping out their basements. And our neighbor’s little rat dog. By morning, it felt like a swamp in the house. All sticky and sweaty & humid. And, of course, the kids were all up at 6:30 and, since there wasn’t any TV or computer or anything, they woke us up. To which I said, BAH. Poor Henry just didn’t understand. He kept trying to get off the bed asking for Elmo & Little Bear & totally didn’t understand why the house was pitch black & his videos didn’t work. He was quite mad.

So, Friday we got up & took a trip up to my mom’s to get Henry’s registration materials turned in. We figured the power would be back on when we got back. We were sticky & smelly & dirty – we have well/septic, so when the power goes out, so does the well. Meaning: no showers, no flushing the toilet, no running water. We grabbed showers at my mom’s and then came back down to more dark. Thankfully, my husband is intelligent & had made a reservation for the 2nd to last room at the Holiday Inn (no regular rooms, only 2 suites left), so we stopped by the house to grab stuff & head over there. My prop-comic of a son had stolen the flashlight from where I’d left it (ARRRGHH!!!), so I had to pull up a solar-powered walkway light from the front yard & use that to find a lighter in the house to light a candle so I could find clothes & pack them. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t set my hair on fire.

This morning, still no power. Grabbed breakfast & stopped back home. The house is DISGUSTING. You walk through the front door & it feels like walking into a dirty swamp. Dirty dishes in the sink for, like, 3 days, unflushed toilets. It totally smells. I am NOT looking forward to getting it cleaned up. The next week is going to be all about getting ready to move up to housesit for my parents. Deciding what to pack. Getting things cleaned up. What a pain in my backside. That power HAS to get turned on NOW.

In other news, Butternug Squash has a new kit called Ribbet. Check it out:


And just you wait until Monday! I’ve got the coolest kit coming out at Sophia Sarducci! No link yet, but here’s a picture to get you started drooling…


And, to finish up, let me send a little open letter to the state of Illinois. The crap way you allow the school districts to make hiring decision is nothing short of asinine. You should be ashamed.