Pumpkin Farm

Have you ever swam (swum?) the butterfly across the English Channel? Yeah, me neither. But I imagine that if I would, my shoulders, neck and back would feel the way they have the past 2 days, after scrubbing the kitchen floor. How pathetically out-of-shape must I be to feel like this after doing a mundane household chore? And the answer would be “quite”.

The next day, I got the microwave cleaned (even with a toothbrush, y’all), the leather sofa & chair cleaned with the leather cleaner, 3 loads of laundry done. Oh, and I followed Flylady’s suggestion of putting my plants in the shower and letting it run a bit. Except for the part where I forgot about them and came back upstairs 2 hours later. The plants are okay, but I can’t believe I ran the water that long. Environmental fail!

I decided to take the kids to a local pumpkin farm for their fall festival thingie-bob. I very, very rarely take all the kids anywhere by myself because it inevitably descends into chaos and insanity. But I decided to give it a go. And it totally went well. Thank goodness. They had lots of fun inflatable jumpy things, petting zoo, pony rides, maize maze, combine rides, pumpkin cannon – all the basics. Henry was enamored of the cows and sheep and they had the cutest little baby goats ever in the world.





While I took Henry in the petting area, Steven went on all the inflatable thingies and Maggie played a fishing game. Then we went and got some apple cider donuts and drinks. Maggie & Steven wanted to go through the corn maze, which I couldn’t do with the stroller, so I took Henry over to the most incredible sensory exploration pit ever. They had this huge sandbox-type thing filled to the brim with corn. At first, Henry didn’t want to go in, but when I plopped him in, he was in heaven. It was unbelievable in its awesomeness. He stayed in for about 45 minutes until Maggie & Steven came back, Maggie in tears.





Henry reveled in throwing the corn, spinning in the corn, lying on his stomach and waving his arms in the corn, rubbing his toes in the corn, basically everything you could possibly think to do with the corn. It went in his mouth, in his pants, down his shirt. When I changed his diaper tonight, there was corn….um….mixed in…with his diaper contents. Ew.

Back to Maggie crying. Apparently during their trip through the corn maze, Steven kept putting corn stalks and sticks and stuff on the ground in the way (he says to ‘mark their path’, but…really?) and he ended up tripping Maggie who fell to the ground and was now covered in mud. Literally. Her purse, her hands, her shirt, her jacket and her pants especially were covered in it. She was so angry and embarrassed. She kept asking, ‘why does Steven have to be so hateful??’ I felt so bad for her. We were having such a nice time and it all got ruined. We got it together and calmed down enough that we could go and pick out the pumpkins. Maggie and Steven chose HUUUUGGE ones. Henry didn’t care much, though I asked him if he wanted the one I picked for him and he said, “Okay”. Then we got a tiny one for William. Loaded them all into a wheelbarrow and paid. On the way out, there were tractors that Steven wanted to try out, so we did that.





So that was today. Now I am tired. So, off to feed William and sleep.