Yearly Archives: 2014

Slow, But Not Unable

Have you ever seen this? If you live somewhere other than where corn and soybean fields are ubiquitous, you may not have. I see this every year in almost every soybean field I drive past. Never thought much about it – other than maybe a “dang, that corn is confused“. Late last fall, I spent…



I’m not a terribly patient person. In fact, that’s probably an gross understatement. Kind of like our friend Lawrence over there from SNL sychronized swimmers who states that he’s not that….strong a swimmer. I’ve started listening to an awesome podcast called “One Bad Mother“.  I like it because it’s 2 women discussing motherhood like I…


Yes, This Woman, Too

Wow. I cannot even begin to describe the busyness that has overcome our household. Having Maggie finishing up her junior year, Steven finishing up 7th grade and Will & Henry finishing up their school years has made for an incredibly insane April & May. Plus, I am indescribably tired, so by the time I have…