Monthly Archives: October 2012

Run Away

What is wrong with me that I cannot remember to blog!! Even 5 minutes….good heavens. So I just watched the pilot episode of Mockingbird Lane. I have a new show that I’m going to love. For one reason only – Eddie Izzard. This man is amazing, hysterical and incredibly talented! I’m really hoping this will be a…



Happy birthday, Henry! Believe it or not, he’s nine today. Very quiet. Very low key. It’s strange, because he totally doesn’t know, understand or care about his birthday. I got 2 reactions today when I would tell him it’s his birthday. Once when I said it, he said, “Yay! Birthday! Yay!” Later when I asked…



If you ask people who don’t know someone with Down Syndrome to describe what emotions come to mind when they think about Down Syndrome, I bet there are a lot of different answers. I bet you’d get words like “disappointment”,  “can’t”, “wont’”, “loss”, “sad” and other words with a more negative connotation. Unfortunately, those without…