Monthly Archives: December 2011

Christmas Rewind

Wow…what a Christmas. I know I recounted some of it on Christmas Day, but I was distracted by actually being in the moment with family (imagine that – real life trumping online life!!), so I wanted to get a little more in detail & share some pictures. So. On the 23rd, we had a celebration…


Because It’s Christmas

Blogging during Christmas celebration? You betcha. Here I am at my parents’ house, in the middle of our gathering, blogging while we watch old videos of past Christmases. It’s so low-key and nice. I totally dig it. We’ve had a very nice holiday season. We had a celebration on Friday night with my brother, Andrew…



Believe it or not, I actually am aware that I haven’t blogged in a coon’s age. (How long is that, anyway? Days, months?) I am doing much better after my surgery. My throat still hurts intermittently but it’s so much better. Right now, the big problem is canker sores on my tongue, which KILL. Please…


Day 11

Actually, last post was Day 9, not Day 10. So today is Day 11. Completely randomly, God I love Hugh Laurie. I’m doing better. Every day is 2 steps forward, one step back. I got the Hydrocodone refilled and it’s getting me through. I’m sleeping like nobody’s business, which is cool. Though these drugs are…