Monthly Archives: November 2011

Day 10

Wow. I really thought it would have been a lot better by now. I just took my last dose of prescription painkillers, so I’m hoping I can get more to tide me over till my 2 week checkup. I would say I’m at about 50%. As long as I’m taking the painkillers, I’m doing okay….



You know, no matter how much you’re told something’s going to be hard, you can’t really prepare for it. Everyone told me. Doctors, nurses, friends, family, acquaintances, strangers. “Whoa,” they said. “When you have this done as an adult, it’s really rough. Recovery is going to be really difficult. The pain will be BAD.” I…


Seriously? Ow.

I had my tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy today. The surgery went great, recovery was quick and I got out of there pretty quickly, too. However, everyone was right. This is gonna be ROUGH. I’m having trouble downing anything – even water. My uvula is hanging down too low and it feels like I have major post-nasal drip that…


So Much

Insane. Crazy. Overwhelming. All words describing life around our house lately. Conferences, concerts, Halloween, floor finishing, carpet installation. It seems that every day has brought something we have to do or attend or handle. The positive focus is that other mothers who have been there/done that are telling me that it does get better. So…